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  1. Been getting my shit back together :) Back training just about everyday, eating clean. Fuck all drinking whiskey etc. Dropped close to 15kg. Oh, and motorcycles. Riding motorcycles of course :)
  2. Christian & surname. Thought I'd go for something trippy.
  3. Many years ago I think I may have been particular, but in the end...man, it was just all about the coverage. Power lines, bold, slam the fucker in. A crocodile over the ribs you say? Sounds good to me. A pipe smokin' wizard smacked on the side of the neck? Fuck yeah. But in saying that, after years of being tattooed by the one person, he just knew what suited me as much as I did.
  4. Best advice. Block her from social media, delete her number. Not to be nasty, so you can get to the point of not having her on your mind, driving you crazy 24/7. Work on that emotional strength....and one day, you'll find yourself at a time not thinking about her when you normally would. That's when you know you're progressing... then it just gets easier. When a woman needs space, for whatever is driving it, whether we like it or not, we just gotta take a breath and give it to them. And if all that fails?, follow @ Rad Kelham's advice. Pearler! :)
  5. I do love a good party...although I have a tendency to drink too much &, well, you know... Although, I haven't been drinking lately, or taking enibriating substances and I'm back full swing into my training again. I wasn't sure where to post all that info. Shitty things, Awesome things or the Training Thread. Anyway...I wouldn't look too deep into the matter (not directed at anybody). I see what @polliwog is saying here. Some real good info get's left behind, but we're not reinventing the wheel on this...I see the same consistent feedback on the majority of questions asked here. I got a Q but...it's coming into winter here. Who else finds it real difficult to be under the hammer when it's faaarkin' cold?
  6. Thank you. I was surprised myself, they all healed well and had hardly any drop out. A couple of lines and dots fell, but we just re blasted them in and no dramas.
  7. Great hand tattoos! Can't remember if I've posted mine here, so fuck it, just in case I haven't.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=271B4fTirKs
  9. @TheAsian You dived straight in off the cuff, without thought and recklessly without giving a fuck apart from just wanting to get tattooed...just like a lot of us did when we were 18 ;) Tattoos are the stories of our lives, they form part of our life experiences and you've just embarked on one of your own. It's done man. Love it. A lot of us come from a generation of where having your hands and neck slammed are areas that were "earned" We also came from a generation that a tattooer wouldn't tattoo your hands or neck until you had earned it by having a high proportion of your body already committed. As my original tattooer told me when I was 18, "there will come a day, at least one that for whatever reason you will wish no one can see your tattoos, and when you're in that moment, I don't want to be remembered as the person who tattooed your face, neck or hands" I never gave that much thought when I was 18, but I learned to understand what it meant. I waited until I was suited to hit solid hands and neck and I love them. I'm still as reckless as what I was when I was 18...AND, I hold s respectable Govt management position. I just have to work harder to show motherfuckers I know my stuff. We're in a different generation now. We don't have the same "code" as what a lot of us here were brought up with. My parents couldn't understand why I pierced my ear at 14 and tattooed my arm at 17. I can't understand why the youth today plug their ears or choose a hand or neck tattoo as their 1st, but it's not for me to understand. It's for you :) Now!! Start working on your bodysuit! [emoji4]
  10. In Qld, Australia now, it's common to be refused from venues for having hand, neck and face tattoos. Especially on the Gold Coast. The way I see it is that these venues are mainstream. Fuck mainstream. Never wanted to mix with them fuckers anyway. Give me a dingy blues club any day of the week.
  11. Get drunk as fuck, walk into your local parlour and have the 1st piece of flash you see drilled into your arm! j/k [emoji4]
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