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  1. So, if you are in the area (or want to travel) we are having our 3rd bike show at our church. Fun, food, great bikes, crafts. We are trying to get kids 12 & under to decorate their bikes and have fun with them. For the motorcycles, the Time Warp Vintage Motorcycle Club has made this a club event for this year. They have some pretty great machines!
  2. I agree no pain killers. I only remember a little burning sensation in the "tender white meat" inside my upper arm. And, it was brief. Don't focus on the pain. Focus on the art that you receive.
  3. One arm has three ~5" diameter and three smaller all tied together (similar theme) with vines on the upper arm/shoulder while the other has three totally unrelated pieces shoulder to wrist. I love them all.
  4. Or, post an update when I'm scrolling through five years later? We were on our third visit to the Saturn 5 center (sooooo much to see), and I was looking at a replica lunar buggy display when the building started shaking. Ran out onto the lawn on the East side in time to catch the plume from a ~4 second blast from Falcon Heavy's 27 Merlin engines test firing! A few days later we returned to the Saturn 5 center to watch a Falcon 9 send a satellite up. Now, I may need a trip to South Texas.
  5. Thanks folks. He was such a sweet pup and left us with great memories of him that will live on.
  6. My heart is broken today. Rocky, our daughter's 15 year old American cross-breed, got to the point he could not eat or drink. We all took him to the vet for that final trip. Comforting her and aching myself.
  7. Sorry, LST and Tapatalk seem to be having a spat.
  8. Love the strong colors scrock25! Hope they hold for a long, long time.
  9. For those interested in vintage motorcycles (or vintage bikers), a friend is putting on "the Possum Motorcycle Gathering". A vintage (35 years or older) motorcycle show and swap meer at the Sevier County Fairgrounds in Sevierville, TN. April 9 & 10 2021!
  10. Looking great! I think that many artists can tell how it is affecting you, and how much you can handle.
  11. I really like that. Three hours isn't all that bad.
  12. Hannah, every artist has their own post-tattoo method. Yours sounds much like mine - bandage for about half-hour, wash, pat dry, keep it clean, leave it alone. Apply non-sented moisturizer lightly when it gets dry/starts to peel. But some use the derms, some use cling wrap. My artist's method has done very well for me.
  13. Go to a dermatologist, not a tattooist.
  14. You will be most satisfied if you can be happy with a good cover-up. I had a professional tattoo lazered for three sessions and then corrected by a different artist. Four years later, the minor scaring halo has turned into a cool drop-shaddow. But, both during and after the process you must use patience.
  15. No, not even a member of any tattoo FB groups. Just thought it would be an interesting discussion. For myself, I guess it would be the cameo of my wife. It came out just perfect.
  16. On the way home from town yesterday, we passed about 12 turkey buzzards enjoying a lunch next to the highway. They were not practicing social distancing. But, immediately thought of Anxious. That piece is going to be fantastic.
  17. Never done anything that big, but what I have has left me with no distinct memories of the pain - even a few hours later. I remember it hurt, but not how it hurt. That helps. That yours looks so freaking awesome should dull any pain that it caused you!
  18. I got to thinking today. Of my tattoos, which one do I love the most? Not that I have that many, but I just can't pick a favorite.
  19. Yes, but that will change. Plan is to return her to very close to stock and ride her. Discovered last night that a PO had put .25 mm oversize pistons in without rebore or even honing. Keeps me busy. Friend I sold Johnny 5 to says that I didn't know it, but I was building it for him all along.
  20. Sold Johnny 5 yesterday to a good friend and started on a '76 RD400 that I picked up a couple weeks ago.
  21. I would be happy also, Hollie! A very attractive artwork.
  22. The casual observer would never notice the original unless you brought attention to it.
  23. They are tattoos, an should reflect the individual and their artists. So, just like color and style, size will vary by individual.
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