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  1. Shazbott! Was taking the RD400c for a sedate 25 mile ride on 8-28. Almost home. Nissan pulls from a drive hidden by tall weeds about 15 feet in front of me (I was gong about 25mph). Brake, horn, push hard left - he kept coming at I went over the hood into a ditch lined with tall weeds. Beautiful little bike is a goner. I have a lot of soreness and a separated AC joint for the left shoulder. Looking at at least two months of PT rehab. ATGATT pretty much saved me otherwise. Gonna have a couple painful weeks ahead. BTW, our church (with a different name) is having another bike show in a couple weeks. Check it out if you are in the area!
  2. We had almost 100 in the judging, and over 100 motorcycles there at the Possum Gathering.
  3. My latest rescue (actually, took almost a year and a half.) 1972 Triumph Trident T150V.
  4. Congrats on completing one thing (the arms) and starting a new adventure (loving rrtirement, myself).
  5. My friend is putting on his 3rd annual Possum Gatherjng in Sevierville at their fairgrounds May 12 & 13. Expect some beautiful machines. If you are into vintage bikes or vintage bikers, they will be there, along with display of old stationary engines.
  6. I'm wishing I had a new tattoo, but out of ideas. Doing great, otherwise!
  7. I had Japanese students in a class about a decade ago (here in the USA). They had one good English speaker to translate for the other four. I had heard about cultural problems with tattoos in Japan, so did not want prejudice to my teaching because of it. I wore long sleeves the first day and discussed the isdue with the translator. He said that they understood USA is different culture than theirs, and much of the world had tattoos as a mainstream expression. He also said that the most common problem he knew of in Japan was from gang-related tattoos. He discussed it with the other guts, and it was a non-issue. Still, families hold prejudices for generations, and it may depend on how she feels her family may see it. I could tell that my wife worried about her Appalacian family would see mine, but several of them have ink now so it became a non-issue.
  8. The turn-out was awesome, the occasion shitty. End of an era, the Time Warp Tea Room closed after last Tuesday. Our vintage motorcycle club had their last meeting at the Time Warp but will move ~1/2 mile North to Twisters. Everyone really appreciates Dan and Peggy basically keeping it open one day a week for us since COVID started. The usual hoodlums showed up and terrorised the area.
  9. We have a locker with several 22, a 410, a 12 gauge, and a 30-06. All long guns. Although a firm 2nd amendment supporter, I don't carry. I appreciate those that do. I was never any good with a hand gun and don't trust my own judgement in a situation where one might be useful. My tattoo artist carries, and I told her on first visit that it was appreciated and helped customers feel safer (unless they are snowflakes worried about the presence of firearms). If ever called on for national defense, I feel the old Springfield (being a retired military weapon) is best suited.
  10. Just a portion of the awesome >35 year-old bikes on display yesterday. I believe the oldest was a 1929 Henderson.
  11. I love vintage bikes, and this weekend (May 13&14) a friend is hosting his second Possum Gathering in Sevierville, TN. I will be helping out on 12, 13, &14 and showing one of my bikes. Had a large time with beautiful bikes and great folks last year. If you are in the area, check it out!
  12. A friend is the motorcycle advocate for Garza Law. They have purchased Thunder Roads TN/KY and she wanted the inaugural issue to display the diversity of riders and rides. Asked me to have my '78 cafe-styled GoldWing rescue as one of their cover bikes. Wednesday evening was their release party and a great time. If you are in TN/KY, stop off at a motorcycle-related business and check out a copy. It is also online at: https://issuu.com/thunderroads8/docs/thunder_roads_tn_ky_web_pdf?fbclid=IwAR3n1tvTaAUbeAX-lslNeYY1eyUaPNKLVB1QsznTPK8jSr_Z18pLVQsJlik
  13. Love all of this! In particular, the balance of color to grey. It makes them both pop.
  14. Ouch! Hope that by now the healing is complete!
  15. So, if you are in the area (or want to travel) we are having our 3rd bike show at our church. Fun, food, great bikes, crafts. We are trying to get kids 12 & under to decorate their bikes and have fun with them. For the motorcycles, the Time Warp Vintage Motorcycle Club has made this a club event for this year. They have some pretty great machines!
  16. I agree no pain killers. I only remember a little burning sensation in the "tender white meat" inside my upper arm. And, it was brief. Don't focus on the pain. Focus on the art that you receive.
  17. One arm has three ~5" diameter and three smaller all tied together (similar theme) with vines on the upper arm/shoulder while the other has three totally unrelated pieces shoulder to wrist. I love them all.
  18. Or, post an update when I'm scrolling through five years later? We were on our third visit to the Saturn 5 center (sooooo much to see), and I was looking at a replica lunar buggy display when the building started shaking. Ran out onto the lawn on the East side in time to catch the plume from a ~4 second blast from Falcon Heavy's 27 Merlin engines test firing! A few days later we returned to the Saturn 5 center to watch a Falcon 9 send a satellite up. Now, I may need a trip to South Texas.
  19. Thanks folks. He was such a sweet pup and left us with great memories of him that will live on.
  20. My heart is broken today. Rocky, our daughter's 15 year old American cross-breed, got to the point he could not eat or drink. We all took him to the vet for that final trip. Comforting her and aching myself.
  21. Sorry, LST and Tapatalk seem to be having a spat.
  22. Love the strong colors scrock25! Hope they hold for a long, long time.
  23. For those interested in vintage motorcycles (or vintage bikers), a friend is putting on "the Possum Motorcycle Gathering". A vintage (35 years or older) motorcycle show and swap meer at the Sevier County Fairgrounds in Sevierville, TN. April 9 & 10 2021!
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