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  1. Welcome. Keep us up to date with your new work.
  2. JAC1961

    Longivity ?

    I believe it has more to do with the artist than the style. Someone with good technique can do any style and make it last. Still, I would think a fine line tattoo would look aged sooner than a bold American traditional or Asian. Bold colors, thick lines, etc. And all tattoos fade eventually.
  3. JAC1961

    Muscle gain

    Blow a balloon part of the way up, write on it with a marker, then blow it up some more. šŸ˜„ I'd think muscle development would affect the outter forearm more than the inner.
  4. There are many symbols that originally meant one thing and have been bastardized over the years. The iron cross was a German military medal going back to Napoleon's time, may even have a history before that. The Nazis, white supremacists and outlaw bikers have ruined since then. I remember going to a car show with my older brother and sister in law when I was probably 6 or 7. I bought a small iron cross and thought it was the coolest thing ever.
  5. It looks fine to me. You can't be sure of anything for 4 weeks. Don't sweat it.
  6. Wow, it really sucks that you've had such poor experiences. The 3 that I've been tattooed by have all been great. Please keep an open mind and don't let a few ruin it for you. There's always a couple bad apples in any group.
  7. Welcome! High quality body of work that you have. Hope you become a regular. It'd be really nice to have more artists weigh in on some of the questions here.
  8. Was it on the stencil? If an artist did it to me without asking my permission first I'd raise a holy f'ing stink. That being said, if I ever get tattooed by a really top notch artist I plan to ask them to them to sign their work.
  9. A new Jeff Gogue film showed up in my Youtube feed. It's a little longish, but still interesting. No doubt that the guy does amazing work. Jeff Gogue - Tattoo as I see it
  10. It's a tattoo. We know everything about tattoos, right? Even a dead language in illegible photos.
  11. They're adults, they should be able to handle it.
  12. What's the sense of removing your original post? Didn't like the answers you were getting? Kinda silly and childish IMO.
  13. The point is you're not shopping for a block of cheese. Tattoos and all services by an artist don't follow standard pricing formulas. Comparing apples to apples is very difficult. Artists can ask as much as they can get for there work, a higher price gives them a better rep. Location makes a difference too. I'd think Vegas prices would be a high price area just based on the fact people are going to get them on vacation or possibly aren't thinking clearly. šŸ™„
  14. Which price are you talking about? They're really pretty close to the same. Remember, one artist looks at a reference and sees one thing and another sees something different... probably neither exactly what you're envisioning. Their styles can make a big difference too. My attitude with price is pay what they ask or move on to a different artist.
  15. I agree, I think you've got a great looking collection. No reason to worry about placement at this point. You've plenty of room for others that will pull the look together and spots for little jammers. Relax and enjoy them.
  16. Hand tattoos are notorious for not lasting well. The skin is thicker making application more difficult and hands see so much use and movement making the ink fade quicker. As fine as those lines are I'm betting it will be in bad shape in just a couple years.
  17. JAC1961


    Sounds to me like it's time to visit your doctor.
  18. Everyone has told you that it looks nice and it really does. Look thru some of the other threads, people here will tell you when they think your artist didn't do a good job. You just have to relax and stop second guessing everything. It's as realistic as a tattoo of a rose can get. Chill out and try to enjoy it.
  19. I just use a couple paper towels to gently pat, not rub, it dry after washing. Keeping it as germ free as possible is the goal. It's an open wound and should be as clean as possible.
  20. You've got this, piece of cake. I was taught several years ago the technique of "belly breathing". On the inhale you push your stomach outward fully. The idea being that your diaphragm drops further, pulling air more deeply into your lungs. It seems odd at first, but is easy to get the hang of. It really helps relieve stress. Do it slowly, concentrating on each breathe. Good luck! šŸ‘
  21. JAC1961

    Tattoo Help!

    Not quite sure what you're asking about, it looks like it's healing fine to me. Using scented soap at 4 weeks shouldn't be a problem. I stop worrying about that at 2 weeks or even slightly less.
  22. JAC1961


    Ummm... nope and nope. Your eyes are just way too precious to take any chance with something like that. Besides, the appearance just creeps me the hell out. To me, some of the main reasons for getting tattoos is the the art, beauty and the individualism and blackout tattoos has none of that. I of course don't care if others get them, but just find no appeal in them.
  23. You can't let others run your life. If you like it and/or want others, do what makes you happy and ignore the people that try to bring you down. My getting tattooed was my statement that after way too many years I'm no longer let others make me feel bad for my choices. It can be tough, but it's well worth it.