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  1. Thanks for all the encouragement. I do notice day by day that the tattoo is becoming less "intense" as it' s less shiny and more matt as the skin heals over it. As just 15 days have passed from getting the tattoo, it should soon soften up further. However, would you say that the central part of the tattoo is covered in too much colour, primarily black? Here are 2 pictures, one zoomed in the central part, one of the whole tattoo.
  2. Hey all, Couple of weeks ago I got my first big tattoo, and something I haven't expected happened. Even though I really like the design, after 2 weeks it's still shocking to see such a big and bold, i.e. heavy contrast tattoo on myself. Especially in low light conditions, the tattoo looks very black, in a way I would maybe prefer it to be a bit "softer". I've been told that this reaction can occur after getting a big tattoo, am I crazy, or does this happen to you too? P.S. I also have two smaller tattoos that I never had such concerns about. Pictures below were taken after the tattoo was made, also I have attached some pictures of almost healed tattoo after two weeks. Thanks for your feedback.