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  1. After 7months finally the tattoo is completed, here some pictures of the final result just after completing the last line
  2. Quick Update on the tattoo. Saturday I did the first session and in 3.5 hours we did all the outlines. Here some shots of the day. For now really happy and surprise also about me. really didn't know what to expect from my first tattoo
  3. my meaning of packing the tattoo: i will have the outlines all over the arm, so i will not have empty spots except the wrist and the upper shoulder. so how can i use saniderm? can i just stick it on my arm and overlap it without any problems? thanks
  4. I have another question because i can't really find anything regarding it. I want to use saniderm because working in office and having a baby it is difficult to leave all open and care too much about it. the problem is that i will have all the outlines most probably done at once. my question is if all the arm is cover by the tattoo, how can i stick saniderm on my arm? I mean i have to roll the product on my arm, but i need to find healthy skin to attach it but i will not have, so can i just overlaps the bandage and try to pack all the tattoo? Thanks
  5. Actually this one was the first draw, and he misundertstood. the final tatto will be with koi moving upwards, i still have a lot to complete. when i will complete all the next arm will have the downstream one
  6. I show u the first draft that the designer did on my arm. I think works and it is really suitable for my arm. Just the direction was wrong so he is changing it
  7. I know that less is more but the decision of 3 koi is dictated by a meaning for me, like the flower that I choose. I was also thinking to scale down the koi, but I think that the size it is ok
  8. Actually the one I showed you it was the second sketch that the tattoo artist did for revision and show me. The first version (attached) I think that is more accurate and suits more my desire. The only mistake he did was the direction due to probably a misunderstanding between us
  9. The tattoo sketch is already done (attached, sorry for the quality) maple leaves is what I was looking also because I would like to have a traditional combination of Japanese elements
  10. Yes I’m trying to match koi and flowers. Currently I have koi, chrysanthemum and cherry flowers. Just want to make sure that they match
  11. I mean that I would like to match koi fish and flowers. I’m deciding all with the tattoo artist I just don’t want to ended up with something that is going in contrast with traditional combination elements
  12. Hi All, I'm approaching the date of my first tattoo. The style will be Japanese with 3 Koi floating upstream with water and wind on a full sleeve arm. Here is my dilemma: I want to add some flowers on it but I would like to match them. I was considering chrysanthemum and cherry flowers but after a lot of research the seems a bit in contrast with the seasons, so I was considering maple leaves with chrysanthemum. Can I have some advice regarding it? Thanks to all
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