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  1. 100% agree... the artists submitting different designs really is just to help me articulate what I like and don't like more effectively.
  2. SStu - that looks sick.... love it!!!
  3. I am hoping to get in at Leviticus tattoo... really wanted Jess Graden but she's well over a year out. Tim Orth and Sean Crofoot both do great work but are available earlier. I also ended up doing a "contest" on DesignCrowd last night... really cool site where you describe your design and artists come up with designs with the winner being awarded the fee. It will allow me to see what 20+ different designs could look like. The first couple still feel awfully feminine... maybe I need to throw a skull or eagle in there to pull this thing off! Hah!
  4. Hey, thanks for the note. Sorry for the delay - I just saw your reply. I’m looking at doing a half sleeve floral design black and gray. No deep meaning, I just think it looks cool, is relatively timeless and “organic”. My biggest concern is coming up with a design that doesn’t look too feminine. It’s not exactly easy to cover up or laser a half sleeve! I met with a local artist... her work looks good, but she really rushed me a long and just seemed annoyed with every question I had... really annoyed with the whole conversation. The design had great detail and probably would have looked good on someone - just wasn’t the style I was going for and communicating that to her would have been a very painful process, so I moved on. I also tried one of the online tattoo design sites just to have them take my concept from words to paper and further refine it. Let me tell ya, that has been a very special process and likely a quick $114 down the drain. Hah! Here are a few inspiration photos... I’m thinking more negative space and not filling the background with ink. Love shading and detail as well. I would love any thoughts or other inspiration photos that may help me along! In the meantime, I’m on a wait list waiting to get a virtual consult with an artist at the best shop in Minneapolis... will probably take at least a few weeks just to talk with him online.
  5. I am ready! Really just focused on design and finding the right artist... seems like the best ones that focus on the style I like all have their books closed. I would happily pay a premium fee to use one of these artists... considering the fact that this thing will be on my body for rest of my life, something like a $1k "bonus" to the artist seems like a no brainer to find the most talented. Any ideas how to broach that subject?
  6. Hey everyone! I have literally been kicking around tattoo ideas for over 20 years and decided in the past couple of months that it’s time to get it done. I think the trigger was just realizing there really are timeless designs that I will still like in 5,10+ years. After visiting one well regarded shop, I felt rushed/uninformed and have a lot of thoughts/questions that I’m hoping you all may be able to help with. Already looking forward to the insight and experience!