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  1. Alternatively, maybe go with American Traditional two swallows/roses/heart representing our two kids. Probably best on my left chest (vs inner bicep) and would tie with the eagle. This example isn’t the best, but I know my artist would come up with something great.
  2. Appreciate the feedback! I actually like the helmet more than the panther, but something just isn’t working on the whole design and you guys confirmed that. The original design had a skull inside the helmet, but I’m just not a skull guy. The helmet and swallows are meaningful just because of my passion for motorcycles, riding and adventure. Back to the drawing board! Any ideas greatly appreciated…
  3. I have an appointment to get this Panther Motorcycle Helmet done in about a month. As you can see it will be next to a large traditional eagle. I'd like to find a good background to tie the two together. The artist sketched out flames, but not sure I like that style. Any ideas?
  4. Great insight, thank you. I have an email into the artist to get his design thoughts. It seems like American Traditional typically has color but I think black/gray or black/gray/blue would really look good. Especially given the size of the piece. Bailing on the olive branch idea as well. I think some subtle clouds/wind will be fill it out.
  5. Thanks! Loving it and stoked to finish it up... Will be really cool to nail down the color scheme as we finish it. Could go pure traditional (black, gray, red, yellow) or change it up a bit... I saw a traditional eagle the other day done in all monochrome black/gray/blue shades... not as traditional but super cool.
  6. Obsessing isn't the right word... I actually really enjoy the design process and kicking ideas around.
  7. Makes sense... might also look add wrapped around the arm vs. positioning it in a spot where it can right straight up/down the arm.
  8. Here's a thought... since I was originally obsessed with some kind of flower/plant life for the first tattoo, what about an olive branch that the eagle is swooping in to grab. Probably would have worked better without the talons wide open, but something to think about as we finish it. Love to hear your feedback!
  9. Don't get me wrong... I absolutely LOVE it. Just thought it'd be cool to have something other than a chicken foot showing past my short sleeve shirt, which is 99% of what will be seen.
  10. Ever try to take a pic of your own upper arm? It’s surprisingly hard! Anyway, here’s a quick pic until my wife can get one for me. I absolutely how it turned out. The next appt for shading/color is in three weeks. I think it would standalone pretty well without any “background”. That said, wearing a short sleeve shirt, the only thing that really sticks out are the feet and a little tail feather on my tricep. Kinda looks like a chicken foot tattoo so some line work might take the focus away from that and bring it down a few inches to the elbow. Love to hear thoughts on that. Can’t wait for the next appt... absolutely love the vibe in the shop and the artist was just a great guy.
  11. Thanks for all the great feedback. Just got home from the appointment. Artist was awesome and it was unanimous that the roses didn't make sense. We just did the eagle and will figure out background at the next session (if any). It's a strong traditional eagle and might just stand alone I will post some pics as soon as I get this bandage off in a couple hours!
  12. Love the candid feedback! Keep it coming... I'm going in a little early to chat with the artist. He's at what I understand to be one of the best shops in town and has been doing this for a long time. I think he'll steer me in the right direction. Here's one with my 3rd grade color shading skills to illustrate what color will do to it.
  13. Have been planning and researching for years and finally pulling the trigger TODAY! The artist provided rough sketches of two options. One with roses and one without. This will be a half sleeve from shoulder to elbow in color. Traditional Sailor Jerry style. In the simple black and white sketch, the roses definitely looks too busy. Once everything is done in color, they will either pop and add dimension or look super busy and cramped. I'd love to keep the roses if we can pull it off. Love to hear your thoughts on this decision and any other recommendations!
  14. That's good feedback... might get a little cramped! I'll chat with the artist tonight too and see what his thoughts are. Given both options, he liked the one with roses... and I love the addition of roses unless it makes it too cramped/busy. Really appreciate the feedback!
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