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  1. Now after finishing my fourth tattoo, I can honestly say chest was a cakewalk compared to side of stomach. I have a Goku tattoo on the left side of my stomach, going from the hip, extending to almost under the breast, two palms wide almost to my navel. It was pain like I never felt it before from the first line. I actually whimpered. Now, three sessions later, each barely lasting one hour, I can safely say that the other side of my stomach stays clean :p I couldnt imagine that it hurts so much there, and my respect for people with huge rib and stomach tattoos went through the roof.
  2. I recall reading a book about Dragons (History, Origins, Variations etc - it was a big book) which specifically mentioned that you shouldn't put too many Dragons on you; Apparently if there are too many they begin to fight each other and the good spirits and protective nature they convey gets lost and instead chaos ensues. I think it said four to six dragons is okay, more is not good for you. Thats western Dragons however, I don't know how it is with eastern ones or the coexistence of both. You can't have too many virgin damsels in distress, tough.
  3. Well every answer so far makes perfect sense. How could I have been so blind!
  4. Quick question, I've always wondered about this... why is that in a lot of traditional tattoo designs, animals, animal heads and so one are getting stabbed? Like the often seen Panther-with-a-dagger-through-the-head. I get it if you really hate a certain kind of animal or have some other more or less valid reason for it (I've played with the thought of a tattoo with a spider punctured by a dagger because I'm afraid of them (yet don't kill them in real life since I value their insect killing existence)). But other than that? Is there a reason, a story behind those designs? Just wonderin' not
  5. Something postitive from my side... I work at the national air traffic control center in Switzerland, as an Aeronautical Information Management Controller. Sounds pretty uptight, right? I had some doubts if tattooing my arms would be a no-no. However when I learned that they hired a girl with neck tattoos, I went for it. Here's the exchange from a superior several management layers above me: Her: New tattoo? Me: Yes Her: Ooooooh show me! Me *shows outlines of Oldschool Pirate Girl and Ship Halfsleeve* Her: Wow thats beautiful! But you get it colored in, right? Me: Sure I do Her: Cool
  6. My 5th of June appointment for finally getting Goku on my stomach has been cancelled... and instead been forwarded to the 3rd of May, one day after my birthday. Awesomeness. Gesendet von meinem GT-I9300 mit Tapatalk
  7. I found waiting time is not an indicator for a tattooers skill... with the guy doing my arm I have to wait almost two years. The guy who did my chest? I could've had an appointment the next day if I didn't had to work then. So I got it six days later when I was off. Skill wise, both are on the same level. I'm going to the guy who did my chest today to discuss a half sleeve, wonder how long I have to wait for that one. Gesendet von meinem GT-I9300 mit Tapatalk UPDATE: Just came back from the shop, half sleeve starts on the 25th of April :D Even in 2014!
  8. Nah its the normal deposit of 100 CHF which seems to be the standard in Switzerland, regardless of the size of the project. The guy I'm going to has a lot of fans so to speak, and almost exclusively does large pieces. I have my reasons to go to him and wait until early 2015. I fully trust him and I know what he is capable of. He will draw and design a biomech/organica 3/4 sleeve for me. Sort of like a mixture of works from Guy Aitchison and Markus Lenhard. Completely his own style, which I adore, as he perfectly understands to capture beauty in the morbid. Also its gonna be awesome because I l
  9. Next one is coming June 5th, Goku on my stomach. One of my oldest tattoo want-to-haves. Tomorrow I'm going to the local shop to discuss a pirate themed half sleeve... dunno when that will be done, tough. And in early 2015, my Biomech/Organica sleeve will be done. The guy doing it has an insane waiting list, nearly two years for projects this size.
  10. I just showed them my first one. They knew I wanted a tattoo since I was a lil kiddo, always covered in those bugglegum tats. I bought books and magazines long before I got my first tattoo, so they knew it was inevitable and its not a question of "if" but "when". Interestingly enough my father, the more conservative of my parents, was the most interested in the tattoo. He later went on to state that tattoos can be cool and all, but he doesn't like tats on the chest (for whatever reason). We'll see how he'll react to my recent chest tattoo lol.
  11. I... I don't even... Was on a random Youtube-Binge for Tattoo videos yesterday, came across a show called Tattoos After Dark. You may find episodes on Youtube, here's the official link: Tattoos After Dark | Tattoos After Dark I...I'm still not sure if that's real or just staged. Everything about it screams fake, but then again its on TV so... But yeah. Forget bad Tattoo shows. The dudes in this one a totally fine with giving a couple that has been together for three months a matching neck tattoo (Episode 4). Oh they both already have matching tattoos from their respective exes. And... well
  12. I shower and put on some deodorant before the appointment, however last time I did sweat profusely - warm climate in the shop and me dying of pain takes its toll. I apologized for that, artist seemed very understanding. I bring in reference only as a rough guidance. Even from other tattoos, however in the sense of "I kinda want it sort of like this"; when a tattoo matches the idea I have in my head, even better. Last appointment I brought reference for a Leopard head - real photos and some tattoo reference. Just to tell the artist "head like this position, teeth showing". Then he drew somet
  13. Got my right chest done a week ago. Went to the appointment thinking "well it couldn't be as bad as lower leg, towards the knee ditch...right? Right?? Then the needle punctuated me. Fuck me. Towards the nipple, and towards the armpit was pure hell. Interestingly enough, collarbone and sternum weren't painful, just really uncomfortable because of the vibrations. And the artist wiped the ink off always in the same direction over my collarbone, towards the end I reeeallly had to restrain myself not punching him in the face. In the end I sat 4 and a half hours, was worth it.
  14. I got Kratos from God of War... 1st tattoo, about a year old. Not good to photograph. Quality of the tattoo itself is also a bit "eh", but who cares, first ones are allowed to :P
  15. Wasn't mine either, to be honest. But what I had in mind looks good on paper but not on skin, and since my artist likes this style the most I said fuck it, and went with it. Meaning I fully trusted him that we will deliver something awesome. And he did and I do not regret in the slightest.
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