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  1. hey Pooch I've been following you on instagram for awhile now, your paintings are amazing man welcome!
  2. Welcome to LST! and great first tattoo Clay, keep heading in that direction. Now as far as a tattoo for your boys goes here are a few ideas, another rose(you can never have enough) Snake around a dagger, panther and tiger heads, ,eagle vs snake, snake vs dragon, pretty much any two animals battling, rose and snake, two hot stuff devils, crying and smiling baby heads. I dunno there is a few for you just to think about.
  3. these are my little devils, first one is by Ben Fraser and the dirty hot stuff by Mando Rascon.
  4. It got me travelling across the motherflipping US of A!!! And meeting good people along the way..but seriously I'm drunk again and pretty much everything @Mark Bee said.
  5. My favourite backpiece of all time , the checkers are my favourite.
  6. Hey there and welcome to LST, who have you been tattooed by and if you don't mind I would love to see some pics
  7. I'm really liking your stuff @Dumpleton keep killing it
  8. Seriously man having the best ever , thanks for the good night out and thank you also @guitguy
  9. Sorry @beez I'm only going south from here it wouldve been nice to hang out though
  10. Yeah man ill be down there in maybe 3 weeks to a month.
  11. @Hands On i wouldve loved to of made the convention but ill be somewhere in Texas by then. Thanks for the welcome @Mark Bee if I have any funds left by then ill be sure to pop in, the okey doke is in toronto is it not?
  12. Haha no flying birds just a chick in a car , thanks for the heads up but I'm a jap/british guy.
  13. Nah unfortunately not, I do need a new motorbike as I wrote my last one off a couple months back , tboned a bird at 50kphs it hurt my ballbag like hell
  14. So this have finally come along, I've just landed in San Francisco and ill be here for a week if anyone wants to hang , I've also got an appoinent with Austin Maples on the 4th if anyone's gonna be at Idle Hand - - - Updated - - - Also apologies for my poor spelling , I'm extremely tired right now
  15. Welcome to LST,