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    Hi from Chris

    Your choice of course but you may not want to put a smaller tattoo in the middle of a nice large area on your body? You will likely want more work and then may want the best 'real estate' available for larger tattoos...? - - - Updated - - - Your choice of course but you may not want to put a smaller tattoo in the middle of a nice large area on your body? You will likely want more work and then may want the best 'real estate' available for larger tattoos...?
  2. tc3500

    Hi from Chris

    What they said ^^^^^ However here are my answers to your posted ?'s - How do you find inspiration/ideas for another tattoo? I kind of have the idea to keep certain styles in separate areas on me. If I really like an image then it's possible, they don't have to have deep meaning. - Where did you get the idea for your current tattoo? Current piece is a continuation of a Star Wars sock on my right leg. Going with Dark Side images of things from the franchise that I have always liked. This latest is a Technical Draft style piece and went with it because it's unique and found an artist capable of the line work. - Where do you get your daily tattoo news/content from (apart of this forum)? Don't keep up on 'news' per say, but have a few Facebook pages that I like and then use Google and Instagram. - How do you organize different ideas for your next tattoo? For example bookmarks? Just have a Folder on my PC Desktop and save images to it, but if an idea isn't strong enough to just remember then it won't be my next tattoo. Good luck with your first tattoo, just remember to go big in size and get it from a well known artist.
  3. tc3500

    Tie Interceptor

    Chad Lambert
  4. Here is my newest piece......done by Chad Lambert at Revolt Tattoos in Las Vegas. It fits so nicely next to my Trash Polka style Tie Pilot!!
  5. I'm 45yo and got my first tattoo in November, my second in January and my third a week ago. They are all fairly large.....the one last week was 10+hr over 2 days. I'm scheduled again on the 20th of this month, the 2nd of June and the 16th of June. May end up getting some work on June 15th because that piece may end up being the continuation of a collaboration piece. I'm sure I will slow down a little bit but not getting any younger and have really fallen in love with the whole process and have been able to get great art so far. I would say that if the budget allows and you are confident in what you want, then get the pieces you can when you can.......allowing some time to heal between each one.
  6. Here is the piece I just got in Springfield, Oregon at the Evergreen Tattoo Invitational. It's not quite finished but will get it's final touches in Vegas in a couple weeks. It's a collaboration piece done by Christian Buckingham and Dwight Bulb who both work out of Revolt in Vegas. Christian did the black and gray realism of Archangel Gabriel and Dwight did the Neo Traditional Jasmine flowers. Ended up sitting for almost 11hr over 2 days and had a blast! It was my first convention and was such a great setting to get a tattoo. Had originally scheduled with Christian who did my first 2 tattoos but when he asked if I had any interest in doing a collaboration with Dwight I felt honored and jumped at the opportunity. I'm amazed at how nicely the Neo Traditional works with the Realism and it really does frame out the angel is such a stunning way....basically two great tattoos in and of themselves. Dwight did all of the flowers freehand and they fit my arm so perfectly. In June this sleeve will be continued onto my lower arm in some way. I want to have a cavern with a devil and maybe some dead trees and/or wilted flowers...?? The art isn't decided yet but will be a Heaven and Hell sleeve basically. Will have Christian and Dwight collaborate on the lower half too so that it carries well. Hard to get all of the piece in one pic but will get some nicer pics after the work is done and it's healed. I'm so completely stoked about this tattoo and feel like I got such a great one for it being my 3rd piece.
  7. Christian Buckingham and Dwight Bulb
  8. 3/4/16......1 or 2 at Evergreen Tattoo Invitational with Christian Buckingham 3/20/16....Chad Lambert at Revolt Tattoo in Las Vegas 6/2/16......Chad Koeplinger at Eagle River Tattoo in Eagle River, Alaska 6/16/16....Christian Buckingham at Revolt Tattoo in Las Vegas Also keep wanting to sneak one in by Oscar Guerrero during a Vegas trip, but nothing booked yet...........
  9. OK, I'll play too... - Would you rather get the tattoos you want as quickly as possible, or wait and spread it out over a longer period of time? For me, I am kind of just going for it. I’m in my 40’s though and waited long enough. I feel that I’m off ot a great start with some great artists…..so just gonna run with it for now. - Do you have a plan as to which areas you cover in which order? Saving the hands for last or getting the worst spots first, maybe getting the visible spots first and save back of the thighs for example? Started with my calf, a nice out of the way spot and then did the right side of my chest. The front of my calf will be next and then gonna go for it with a ¾ to full sleeve on my left arm. I am more trying to keep general styles on certain areas for now. No real order though. - If you consider yourself a collector, do you keep areas of your body untouched for fantastic tattooers to appear say 20 years from now? Just kind of staying away from my back in case I decide to go for the epic backpiece someday! - Anything else you would like to add or discuss Not really, just so glad that I finally went ahead and got my first tattoo……will have 5 in the first 6 months and really enjoying it. Been lucky to have this site and other great resources for starting off strong.
  10. I am booked for June 2nd in Eagle River, Alaska! Will fly from Juneau, then drive from Anchorage to Eagle River to get this piece from him, I am so honored!!
  11. I would definitely take them, and be prepared to take them outside for a minute if they get too pissy, lol.
  12. My obvious choice to post would be Christian Buckingham.......... https://www.instagram.com/christianbuckingham/
  13. @MoistTowelette - That's so cool.....will be my first.
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