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    Born in Derby, UK, I was first interested in tattoos when I saw a faded eagle on the forarm of one of the youth leaders at church. I then forgot about them until I was at university on a year abroad in New Zealand. The way it is such an important part of the country's cultural fistory fascinated me and I came home with two small pieces much to my parents displeasure. I have continued to collect tattoos since then in a variety of styles including, Japanese, Western Traditional and Dotwork. I now work on the South Coast of the UK in Outdoor Education and am asked on a weekly basis by various children if they can see my tattoos. Strange how they seem more interested and open about asking to see them than some of my colleagues.
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    Various places in the UK
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    Climbing, drawing, music, photography and of course TATTOOS!
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    Outdoor Education

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  1. Love seeing these pieces and great theme for a thread. My contribution is this eagle I had done by Bert Krak at The London Tattoo Convention a few years ago. Such fast work and I love how it came out.
  2. @Lance I saw that on IG a few days ago and was very impressed. Great piece!
  3. So after my trip to Berlin a couple of weeks ago my new chrysanthemum is pretty much healed. Super happy with how it came out, and it was a great experience getting tattooed by Toshihide.
  4. Going to be in Berlin next week and going over to Fur Immer to get a palm sized piece from Toshihide whilst I am there. First time getting a tattoo whilst travelling in about 7 years so really excited about it.
  5. @ItsNewport the Oni looks great man. I had a bit of a chat with Stewart later in the day and compared Ian Flower dragons and bought a couple of prints.
  6. I've been getting mine through gentlemanstattooflash.co.uk they still had a few copies left at the Brighton show. I have managed to get hold of all of them so far except issue #1. They are a lot of fun and a really cool change from the standard tattoo magazines.
  7. No plans for getting tattooed just yet, but if you see me wandering round with my shiny new back piece feel free to say hi.
  8. Thanks very much all @Graeme @9Years @polliwog. I was walking around work and just remembered and smiled broadly. I think people thought I was crazy. I'm so happy with how it came out considering all I said to Ian at the start was that I wanted a Japanese dragon full back piece. I will always remember the day I walked in to the studio and Ian asked "How do you feel about Tibetan skulls?" It worked out well. And relining those waves... not fun on the last session but it made such a difference so I am super happy we went for it. - - - Updated - - - Thanks very much
  9. Having started 21 months ago I am unbelievably happy to say that my back is done. It took 59 hours, at least a dozen tubes of bepanthen, lots of cups of coffee and bacon sandwiches, and at least one ruined set of bed sheets. Thank you very much Mr Ian Flower.
  10. I think as long as your ass is an extension of whatever is around it then it looks quite good, and that works for most styles. I am really happy that I included it as part of my backpiece. The linework was horrible and I ended up clenched tight enough to hold on to almost anyhting. The shading and colour has been alright though, until we go anywhere near the tail bone that is. For such a small spot that is no fun at all......
  11. I saw this piece by Mike Rubendall a few days ago and every time I see it it still floors me. I think the thing that catches me is the head of that snake. The purple is crazy...
  12. Second session this month. Scales are now all done and every little thing we do is just making the whole thing pop a little bit more. Super happy.
  13. I have recently been working on a series of narrow panels based on a variety of outdoors pursuits. Super fun to do these and figure out how to capture a scene through a series of windows.
  14. So... not been on to post anything in a little while. I had to miss a session last month for medical reasons. I would absolutely have preferred being tattooed for 3 hours compared to going to the doctors. Anyway I made up for the missed session yesterday. We did the blue on the back of the left leg and then started to put some green in the leaves around the blossoms. I have another session in a couple of weeks time which will complete the scales. We talked about maybe slowly fading the blue towards the tail so that it ends up super pale, almost white, which I think could look amazing. We are t
  15. I saw that Julian Seibert front piece of the cowelled skull and cat being tattooed at the London Convention this year. I was astounded by both the client and the tattoo. The guy sat for 3 days straight to get it finished. Totally incredible...
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