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  1. How do I search for artists in my area? I look on instagram and look for the artists I like but none of them live in NYC or even the U.S. All the really good black and grey realism artists live in like Spain, or some other place outside the U.S. For example the artist you sent me has decent work but is not very detailed like the artists I showed. Not trying to knock his work of course, but It looks like the good artists here mostly are into line/illustrated work. Any advice on how I can find the kind of artists I am looking for, or should I just book a flight to Spain?
  2. Does anyone know any good black and grey realism tattoo artists in NYC? iv been searching but no artists in NYC seems to appeal to me, for example I like artists like @kir_tattoo, @evilkolors - They both live outside the US. Does anyone know who in NYC or even Miami that have this kind of black and grey realism? - I am interested in getting a phoenix sleeve in black and grey realism, so an artist that I guess specializes in doing mythical creatures (like dragons or what not) in black and grey realism would probably be ideal. The artist @kir_tattoo is willing to get this project done, b
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