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  1. I would rank inside wrist as low level discomfort, or at least I don't remember it. I was getting something I really wanted though, so that always helps.
  2. Armpit adjacent. That little crease off the side of your chest, right before it becomes the actual armpit. That was a very tough spot for me.
  3. Consider Raven and the Wolves in Long Beach. That’s who I think of for black and grey realism in LA. https://instagram.com/theravenandthewolves?igshid=qcnm8ngvh5fi Also Deren Hall who tattooed there formerly also: https://instagram.com/deranhall?igshid=1vcnrnpfctbw3
  4. This artist isnt new school, but seems to do comic books, video games, pop culture and realism. Tattoos out of Palm Springs area in Southern Ca. I wish I was Into the above themes for tattoos, I’d want to get tattooed by him. https://instagram.com/poch_tattoos?igshid=1ub2xyhwd7t5q
  5. Saniderm is my hero. Luckily I don't seem to be allergic to the adhesive. It's just so handy to not worry about bumping into stuff or pets etc. I had a few healing blems on tattoos before I caught wind of this stuff; never going back to the old way.
  6. Maybe the artists could just use some structure around what you want. Japanese, American, Realism, Surrealism, water color, trash polka, black and Grey, Color, Objects, scenes, animals, cars? What are you circling as a jumping off point? It’s kind of vast just looking out from a hole.
  7. Looks great! Big long sittings = big work. Always a fan of seeing these. Super satisfying too, those long sittings.
  8. It could be a little deceptive because it’s lined in red color, but it does look like they went a little deep in that wrist area. The fleshy area under the thumb jumped out at me too, as an area that looked a little deep. Has it settled down any yet?
  9. Maybe Something traditional & nautical themed to go with the mermaid? Could help tie together with an eventual gap filling plan if you are thinking of gap filling eventually. I can’t tell exactly, but it appears like the elbow is under the mermaid. So, some sort of undersea thing...?
  10. I’d think bigger now, just to be proactive. You don’t have to actually do it, but you’ll at least not paint yourself into a corner if you do decide to eventually build to a full back piece. You never know. And that’s some high value real estate.
  11. In terms of tattoo collecting, I have always naturally broken up the body into body part panels . So I end up thinking in medium size pieces mostly. In my brain, The only ‘panel’ that is a foregone ‘giant’ piece is the back piece.
  12. I always use a zinc based sunscreen which is the best for protection. But it’s also the greyest, thickest balm. Gets on everything like the op described. So now I wear golfing sleeves whenever I’m commuting or taking any kind of prolonged solar beat down on my arms. They’re really comfortable actually. Just google golf sleeves.
  13. Looks cool. I guess you could lazer the letters away...if you’re determined. But it looks cool to me.
  14. Looks really cool. Can’t wait to see it done.
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