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So I know each person is different and sex can also come into play as females are "built" to handle more pain than males. So lets see what the most painful spot is to get tattooed?

For me, it was the ribs and right now the inside upper thigh near my well you know. The under side of the arm near the arm pit tickled as I am a very ticklish person but know this can hurt for lots of people.

So lets hear it and of course if you've got pictures you know we want to see them!

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i think my backpiece still wins for the most painful spot, the whole area, i just couldnt find a sweet spot to relax at whatsoever. after that, has to be hands and feet, in that order. got my ribs done when i was younger so dont remember the pain, kinda fell asleep i got told, i dunno haha

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Shins and my kneecap were super easy for me, but lower back/ass/right where the thigh meets the ass were all fucking horrible. Who knew the ass would be so bad? Deep, searing pain that lasted for days. I'm so glad my backpiece is done.

I'd also like to nominate "any body part tattooed by Chris Trevino."

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People say ass, but mine is totally covered and not by a light handed guy at that. Honestly, I had a lot more trouble with my hip bones/leg ditch and then ribs/armpit. I may never get my ribs done. Shins, finger, sternum, feet...all easier than I thought they'd be.

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    • It will be a better tattoo if you do two or three sessions.
    • Thanks for the sage advice! My artist is the one who suggested one sitting. According to him, after subtracting prep and break time my actual under the needle time should be roughly 5.5-6.5 hours. My primary motivation for getting it done in one sitting is my desire to use holidays for healing time. My next window would be late May and I really don't want a half done job for that long! Great advice on the choice of foods, and I especially appreciate the tip on ibuprofin as it's my go-to pain killer. My wife is driving me to and from as we live way out in the country about 45-60 minutes depending on winter roads. My artist told me flat out there was no way he'd let me out the door if I had to make the drive myself.
    • I got a 14 hour 1/2 sleeve on my upper arm in 3 sessions, a month between each.  The timing was my artist's choice, not mine and I'm glad.  4 hours at at time was enough for me.  Not entirely the pain involved, sitting/laying for long periods, being tensed, etc.  I just find it to be more enjoyable to do shorter sittings, I have nothing to prove.  Also, some tattooers have a heavier hand than others. Couple things that I'd add to Dan's list.  No ibuprofen, aspirin or other blood thinners before (of course unless it's something very necessary and then I'd run it by you doc and/or let your artist know.)  If you're traveling very far right after, I'd suggest stopping for a quick meal.  Even with a snack during the tattoo I felt much better refueling before the drive home. Best of luck and let us see how it turns out.
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      I don't know about you guys, but I sometimes struggle to find
      a Christian themed tattoo that really excites me, and I'm a bona fide
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      Don't get me wrong, Rock of Ages is cool and all, but other than that
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      I'm getting a lady head tattoo in January, and I've been of the mind to get it on my rib cage. The more I read and hear, the more uneasy I get about that location. I'm not worried about the discomfort, so much as I am the supposed difficulty in tattooing on that area. Is that a legitimate concern, or should a good artist be able to do the same quality of work on my rib cage as he would on my calf or arm? I haven't talked to my artist yet - just thought I would get some feedback on here until I speak with him.
      In thinking about other location choices, I want this tattoo to be concealed most of the time...especially at work. Don't want back, arm, thigh. Only other options I would consider would be chest or lower leg.
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      b) Have finished my current ongoing piece and my next planned one!
      I've found some on google images and instagram that I like a lot, but I have found a lot more that look a bit ropey! Anybody got any good photos of this great image? and what kind of artist would you go for for this kind of style? Someone specialising in japanese style and similar presumably?
      I will post some of the ones I've found and like when I get a minute to play with google and photobucket! :D
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      how about this contrast? a full sleeve heavy blacked out.. the other (i will have a year or so to plan, save, and research artist) japanese sleeve?
      murdering out my sleeve feels uplifting and empowering to me on one hand.. but on the other is the fear like, oh what if i get hella bummed off having a black arm (im not a racist).. its also kind of dope to me because you dont see it too often.. it also seems like some shit you could grow old with (my tattoos now- no) and be cool with..
      and to not feel like such a derelict; some really sick japanese traditional on the other arm.. to balance things out..
      i think itd be a cool contrast.. everyone i talk to doesnt care, they just like the black sleeve idea..
      also, how do you know whos right to do the heavy black work? you can contact reputable shops and theyll recommend somebody, saying theyve done this before a few times or whatever.. im worried about scarring and dont want to be lead astray..
      lastly, and this may seem dumb.. i also have a lot of time to consider this.. but how the hell do you go about getting a japanese sleeve? sorry if this seems newjack-ish, but i know the elements that go into one.. but whenever i see a really cool one i think that it must be all the artists concept.. like my sleeve now has windbars, koi,. waves, flowers, etc.. but on all out traditional sleeve.. this is probably something you work half and half on with an artist? know that may sound obvious.. again, its also not something im going to jump right into.. im having removal on some medium-ish shit on the arm and will have a year or so to research, appreciate, and think about this..
      - - - Updated - - -
      also, on the heavy black,, on my shoulder there is already some cool windbar shit that caps it off.. i want to leave that.. and maybe connect some of it somehow into a chest peice.. or even a half chest peice.. just trying to get some ideas bouncing around and creative juices flowing here..