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  1. You should be able upload your photo by: -clicking 'Go Advance' -clicking the icon that looks like a paperclip -then from this popup upload your photo like any other attachment -Once it is done uploading it'll go blank and blammo hit 'Submit Reply' back on the page where you started writing your post if you have any difficult let us know
  2. You've been around for a minute and keep giving one line surface responses......do we get to see your tattoos?

  3. Thanks for joining us Jeff and hope Peru is fun.... Just so you know "trade secrets" don't get shared on this forum and we ask that no one does to keep the site friendly, thanks.
  4. Good to see you back, we're open 24/7/365....enjoy the new videos!
  5. @oldfartart thanks for being respectful and helpful...you should be able to start an intro where you can ask your question? So you know if it doesn't show up immediately just wait for a mod to sign-in and approve it....this normally only takes a few hours as we're all in different time zones and on the board regularly. Look fwd to seeing your new tattoo!
  6. yeah it's been on my radar lately too and we can't come up with a good solution to try and keep the "spam" down. If you have some ideas pls share as we're always open. I must say though is the people who are doing it tend not to stick around long and their need to contribute for their own selfish need of ten shows the quality of user they may be....it really is not that hard to contribute ten productive post if someone cares enough as we've had users recently do this as well. Long story short stuck between a rock and a hard spot EDIT: We are going to have users chasing the ten post irrespon
  7. Those skulls are cool...they remind me of the lace painting you can do on hotrods and customs....what was it seventies LA lowrider culture that started that? It started to come back a few years back too
  8. Lochlan


    Alright I guess I'll step in here......The name calling is enough, what are we kids? No we're adults on a tattoo forum who should act respectful to one another even if we don't see eye to eye and/or know eachother face-to-face. Disagreements happen and that is good though the important part is how we conduct ourselves in the disagreements that matter. First we don't delete profiles, post, thread, images, etc unless it is spam or under very few and rare circumstances. We want people to think before they post here (unlike other forums) so that people try to act more civil on this site and we do
  9. thanks @semele that's the one. I didn't realize it had such an obvious name for me to search, oops
  10. I think @gougetheeyes started one like this but can't remember the name to add the back link......
  11. Thanks @Brock Varty I just got it as well.....lets get the wizard on it @steve1461686340
  12. Almost the end....we need photo proof a good tattoo was had
  13. Slayer, did you get any prints from nick collela? I love his flash and recently was reminded of this at my brothers house where they cover the wall
  14. All you have to do is find a good tattooer whose work you like then two separate references; one of a wolf you like and one of a dragon you like......then if you choose a good tattooer they'll work their magic and blammo you'll have a badass tattoo that they've used their skills to morph and create. Remember to take their advice as its their craft not ours and they know the magic. Side note I used the word "magic" hella hecka times
  15. @spyro if you listen to LSTers I'd bet your chances of a good first tattoo will increase greatly!!
  16. Add it to the tattoo shops section if you wouldn't mind.....thanks!
  17. I'll work my way in here and dance a little.....you got great advice for a tattoo forum or any other online outlet (maybe try Mayo Clinic like other worry-warts) from experienced LSTers (tattoo collectors and medical staff) yet you continue(d) to: 1) ask the same question 2) stay worried 3) take over/distract other LSTers threads 4) rack up a quick ten post (I was online when you joined yet didn't spam you as I and other mods wanted to give you a chance) so you can write your own thread .....yet all you had to do was just an intro (you don't need a minimum for that) about yourself and you
  18. I've seen some of Lehi's gorilla's tattooed and they are so damn good and playful!!! I've never really thought about a gorilla tattoo for myself but his make me entertain the thought
  19. Thank you for your apology though I must question, "limited time scale"....going into grad school you know you need a thesis so by a good advisors advising you should be encouraged to begin developing your thesis at the beginning. Of course it is going to take different shapes and forms while being modified as you go through your lit review and intro classes though people tend to stay close to their original thoughts and reason for seeking a higher education...ie you think your work contributes to a specific missing element, a unique pov, etc so you seek to add to the subject. I do not know t
  20. Pictures always help as we do have some people on the board who work in the medical field....their opinions are just that as this is the internet though they have more insight than I do. Oh yeah can you describe the smell? (I'm just messing around)
  21. Lochlan


    @SailorClaire welcome and think you just got your Community Research 101 course on going into a community todo research without doing research ahead of time and how that can backfire therefore excluding you from being able todo actual research. Consider it a gift very few grad schools could teach their students. A researcher needs to be more humble. The only thing we know is nothing and we are always students. There is no master! Unfortunately this hierarchical thought process that grad schools give their students who are accepted and/or graduate is historically how many researchers have trie
  22. Sam welcome to the site! Upload some of your tattoos so we can take a look......also enjoy the site. @rocketfish344 Why don't you start your own intro rather then jumping on others intros as we'd love to learn more about you as it appears you have lots of questions and ambivalence about getting a tattoo.
  23. Tipping (money or gifts) is a great idea though we try not to talk specifics on this site. Many tattooers have asked us not to talk numbers and we hold that line..sorry can't be of more specific help.
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