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  1. I want to get a full back piece (I have a curved spine too, so I need a talented artist to make it work) I've been to Rice Eyes before and it turned out pretty good, and he did it fast (5 hr (almost) half sleeve compared to my 4 hr calf tattoo elsewhere) I attached a pic. What I want is a phoenix rising from it's ashes, as a symbolic reference that even from ashes, you can raise up in burning glory.. Perhaps the phoenix only 95% complete with it fading into floating ashes at the end of its body, if you get what I mean.. Kind of like this style, but obviously my own tattoo: http://designofta
  2. I'm going to families next weekend (this weekend) and I just got a tattoo on saturday.. It is going to be really hot and I have a pool, bar, etc. there.. I know you're not supposed to swim for 2-3 weeks, but could it really hurt it? It barely begins scabbing for the first week, so I doubt it'll cause premature flaking.. I guess the concern is that chlorine might eat at the ink.. But pools do have low concentration.. could that really affect the tattoo? It is all underneath the skin anyway.. Chlorine wouldn't seep below the top layer of skin?
  3. I didn't go to Tim, no, but i went to another great artist. He made my dragon head look like a dinosoar head at first. I asked him to change the head, that's all. I did not challenge his opinion, but this is my bbody, and I did not want a t-rex dragon. EDIT: no, i remember.. the head was really beaked, then like a t-rex, then to how it is on my arm. Its not that it wa bad art, just not what I wanted is all.
  4. with my last tattoo, he got irritated with me for asking him to change his design twice.. the work is good, but I don't want to go back, just because "don't piss off the people who handle your food" is nothing compared to the ones who give you permanent ink.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/TattoosByOmri/photos_all Motor City Tattoos - Oshawa and Durham Region Tattoo Studio
  6. you got it coloured in right? didn't just turn from white to green LOL yeah, I see.. all the brown is gray now.. I figured as much. Why does it look brown when fresh? And ho long doies it take to gray out? @reverend1
  7. Advice would mean I'm seeking guidance. I don't want guidance, I just had a general question. But, you're the mods. not me. My bad
  8. "general" is the wrong section for a general tattoo question?
  9. I got my shading on my tattoo done yesterday and It looks light brown, not gray. I'm like 85% sure this is totally normal and it'll turn gray as it heals, right? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/urmlp12pvwgzpps/V_MmaSVjA4#/ I figured I'd ask, because its either post here or study for finals.. Lol. I'm curious. I'm really stoked to see it after 6 months when it fades, and i hope it fades nicely. Anyway, its kinda hard to see in pics, but it is very light brown. will this change to black /gray as it heals?
  10. first weekend in february, and in all honestly, I'll probably end up getting an eagle in the future anyway for my dad edit: second weekend in feb
  11. I don't get the eagle jokes.. Don't see the pun. Cause eagles are Overused? unoriginal? I dunno wtf you're making fun of me for, so, lol, whatever man
  12. i got a consult with these 2 artists, in te near future https://www.facebook.com/RiceEyesTattoo/photos_albums https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.103051969747333.1220.100001275911562&type=3 been compiling some references and learning what i can. Still not sure about artists though. Doesn't seem to be much better than this in my area, and i think I'm leaning towards rice eyes, because of his style. It's hard for me to inspect massive sleeves too, because it is easy to mask flaws in tattoos that big, and i think tim is more into traditional and japanese, while Eugene is more, well,
  13. Thanks for the advice. I'll look into it. :)
  14. And a time to be a douche, apparently. I'm not forcing anyone to give feedback here, Pal. I've done everything that has been suggested. Or, started doing it. Don't want to filter? Don't. Don't want to help me? Don't. Think I'm helpless, and not want to waste your time on me? Don't. Fucking simple. It's one thread on a forum, not a dog scratching at your door. It hurts nobody. So again; think I'm a helpless moron? Cool. Don't bother with me then. Life is better when you act nice towards people though.
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