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    The start of my floral half sleeve
  2. Can you ask a close friend to help you? I can't imagine anyone would find it strange or would say no.
  3. Maybe it's a perfectionist personality thing. Perhaps these artists just don't trust anyone else to do exactly what they want... too anal? Recently my husband and his crew of old friends got together and planned to get matching tattoos to remember the ol' days. They got the graphic designer in the group to draw up the basic design. 4 of them went and saw the tattooer we normally use. He drew the design up and tweaked it a bit to be his own. Well needless to say the GD friend who originally designed the tattoo still hasn't gone down to get it done... because it's not quite what he wants. But he's an artist and he clearly wants it a certain way. Anyway, what I'm getting at is maybe some of these tattooers who dont have any tat's are just really anal, picky perfectionists?
  4. I think my parents knew it would happen eventually. I was a punk rocker and had already gotten the piercings so it was only a matter of time. Before I'd get pierced or tattooed I would always give my mom the heads up. I wouldn't ask permission - just wanted her to be informed. She protested the tattoos a bit more than the piercings but it was a half hearted protest. I do recall when I got my tongue piercing that my Scottish grandmother was disappointed and said "I'd rather you'd gotten a tattoo". Ha ha... was not expecting that from her! My dad on the other hand is not a fan of tattoos - which is funny because he's sort of the stereotypical biker guy (so much so that apparently my mother in law thinks my Dad is encouraging my Husbands "addiction" to tattoos - yah, sure). My dad just doesn't like them. But my sisters worn him down. She's toe to toe with my husband for tattoos now. So any other tattoos I get are just old news.
  5. Kurse


    Looks like that will be a stunning back piece!
  6. Kurse


    Hello from a fellow Canadian! (but currently in texas).
  7. Kurse


    Thanks for the suggestions! My husband got a really nice chest piece done at Scorpions since we've moved here. I saw Christina's stuff on the Gaslight website and really liked it. She's one of the artists I am thinking of seeing. Also thinking of using Nate Beavers or Sam Hudson.
  8. Kurse


    I saw an amazing tattoo on a girls foot last week.. done by Corey at 713. His stuff is awesome. If I choose to go the traditional route, I'll be seeing him. I will likely stick with the the floral tattoo idea. I know it's something I will always like as it's been on my wish list for 10 years already. Now it's just a matter of finding someone in the area who likes doing floral stuff. Thanks for suggesting Lana Gooding. Hadn't come across her stuff in my search.
  9. I guess I'm a bit of a sucker for some of this stuff - it just looks so different. I didn't know it had a label so I googled trash polka when I saw that. Is trash polka commonly done in red & black ink? Seems everything that came up on google images was red & black. Thanks to reading this thread I'm wondering if I'd still like this style 10 years down the road... perhaps not. Thinking I will stick to some of my more traditional ideas.
  10. Kurse


    Without a doubt - you're right. I am considering traveling but I thought I'd see what I can find locally before I splurge on an airline ticket. I have lots of ideas though, some in the more common styles, so I'd still love to hear of some favorite Houston area artists.
  11. Kurse


    Thanks for the welcome! I've seen some really great stuff online from artists in Houston but nothing quite in the style I like. I'd like to find an artist who does watercolor inspired stuff, or more abstract type of designs. Some of my favorite artists right now are Peter Aurisch, Gene Coffey, David Hale, Xoil etc. I know that style isn't everyone's cup of tea but I like it. Can't seem to find anyone in Houston really doing anything like that stuff. Since that isn't looking too hopeful I am also looking for someone in Houston who enjoys doing large floral pieces. I came across this beautiful sleeve on pinterest and fell in love. Would love something in the same style.
  12. I was browsing etsy the other day and came across these star wars flash sets... So cool. Showed them to my star wars obsessed sister who loved them.
  13. Dave Quiggle is a rad illustrator and tattoo artist. He sells pretty awesome tattoo flash in his online shop.. as well as a sketchbook. He's a Christian and his work is really unlike most typical "Christian" tattoos. I would love to have a custom tattoo by him. Actually my first tattoo is based off of one of his deisgns. Check him out! * Artwork by Dave Quiggle *
  14. Kurse


    Hey! I've joined in hopes to get some recommendations for artists in my new city (Houston, tx). Looking forward to learning some new stuff and get some new ideas. Thanks.
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