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  1. Before and after my first appointment with Big Gabe Bayles at Scorpion Studios, 3hours. My next appointment is April 14.
  2. Done by Big Gabe Bayles at Scorpions Studios 2/21/13
  3. I found this thread insightful... http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/tattoo-designs-books-flash/3435-japanese-symbolism.html
  4. I liken being tattooed by someone without tattoos to being led into combat by an untrained civilian. First off, when you are a soldier, and I was one for 6 years, you want your leaders and battle buddies to have the most training possible. An artist with little or no tattoos has little or no "training" IMO. Secondly, there is an unspoken bond that soldiers have through their shared experiences that civilians can't understand. It's the same when an artist is tattooed, the tattooed artist knows what you're about to endure, you share that bond with him/her.
  5. I found this, but I can't find the book for sale or the author's name anywhere..... Referencing the popular book, "Hail to the Tat: An Illustrated History of Presidential Tattoos," 35 of the 43 presidents sported skin art. Amongst the First Citizen's tattoos, the most popular were on the arm, thus starting the tradition that no American President can be photographed wearing a tank top. The most famous tattoo involved a small eagle holding a broad sword (demonstrated in the first source) fighting Jack "Galveston Giant" Johnson. Additionally, several presidential tattoos stand out: Andrew Jacks
  6. Thanks for all of the advise!! I've been looking Big Gabe's online portfolio at scorpion studios for a while and it looks clean to me, but I'm no expert.....what do y'all think? Big Gabe Bayles
  7. Thanks guys, and I shot both of the artists suggested in the previous posts an email and I'll wait and see what they say. Sorry if my writing earlier was hard to read, I was posting on my iphone.
  8. I've seen Chris Trevino's work and his online portfolio and it's amazing, but I think he has a really long waiting list and I would hate to set up an appointment a 6 months from now and be told he can't do it or I need some laser treatments. I guess I can just email him directly and see what he says. Thanks again for any suggestions!
  9. Hi, my name is Justin and I live in the Houston area...I got this tattoo when i was 16 in 1996 and I'm really sick it. Do y'all think it's possible to get a traditional Japanese half sleeve (dragon or koi?) to cover? I'd appreciate any suggestions, thanks!
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