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  1. It may have been months since I been on this forum, but Ed is the G.O.A.T! I am glad I got to meet him back in 2010 at Taki's and Roman's convention.
  2. Yes you did. I will try to get up there for it. It will be here before you know it!
  3. Not to hijack this thread but, this is one of the only threads I read on this forum anymore. Please keep us updated Jen!
  4. @hogg I just ate there recently! I like curra's tamales! Gloria's is pretty good too and now have a spot downtown on sixth st!
  5. Dhopper

    Robert Ryan

    Robert and me at his art show in Austin at Common House
  6. So, you are going to be by riverside, oltorf, and Woodward. You will be in an area that has a lot of Mexican food! Taking a cab from there is going to be costly. I would see if the dillo is running if you are going to go downtown. I would suggest not to hang around your hotel at night! It is not a bad area just a lot of college kids and a lot of traffic. I lived over there for 2 years and cars get broken into. Emos is on riverside. Where to eat before your tattoo depends on what you like to eat. Closest places are gordos, Maria's taco express. Barton springs rd is a few mins maybe 4 or 5 in a car because of traffic, has Shady Grove, Baby a's, uncle Billy's, and p. Terry's. on congress and oltorf is Lucy's. I love there fried chicken! Gueros is on congress and a pizza place that I can not think of its name right now. I would suggest food trucks on congress. I eat at the Cajun one and my wife like coat and Thai. Threadgills is a cool Austin place. Southern style food. I would suggest a rental car for the day of your appt though. 20 or 30 bucks and you can explore and you would pay that just going to and from your appt!
  7. I was in the Army a little over 10 years ago and I remember getting shit for my tattoos. I was at Fort Benning and had to go to one of the General's office and had to explain my tattoos and him saying to get my tattoos covered or blacked out. The rebel flag (not on me) had to have the stars colored in so it look like a blue x. Mine would of not been that easy to fix and i was told to get them fixed or get out. Nothing happened to me. This was also within 6 months after 9-11 and you got a 30,000 signing bonus. You may say the military owns you but they dont. I actually got in an arguement with my buddy (who got out of the marines about a year and half ago) with his Uncle that was an Drill SGT at Benning also and he never said anything about tattoos being a problem.
  8. Rundberg is never a good area to be! I live off Parmer but it is not like chicon and mlk area. Eastside of 35 is very hit and miss! What do you thing of Fonda San Miguel @rileykill or @kevtijerina? It is a nice place for drinks if you are north. The grackel and yellow jacket are some places on the east side.
  9. The long line bbq place is Franklins. The other bbq place is Mueller. It is also the same shit. There is plenty of places to eat! - - - Updated - - - Yes! - - - Updated - - - Magnolia cafe and kerbey lane is probably your best bet. .....Depending on when you are here in May and for how long will dictate where you can go. Freebirds is pretty go. It is a chain restaurant. WHat king of music do you like? Congress St has the Continental Club. A few restaurants. If you are white, watch the gangsta shit! 6th street you could get in a fight easier than warehouse/2nd st area. I would go to the dirty dog if you are on 6th. The cops downtown will fuck you up if you thing you are bad or get caught up in some shit. Also, you can not drink on the streets and if you are caught driving you better not be a no refuse time (that is where you get a blood test on the spot with no chance of not getting fucked!). Usually holidays. I have had a buddy get stabbed and if you think just because you are a girl nothing will happen, you will be mistaken! Eastside is some hipster places but still chance of sketchness. The homeless place, The Arch, is downtown and some crazies can be around. Just be cool and keep your nose clean. That is what I am trying to say. I lived here for 20 years now and most people are easy going. Slower pace is South Austin. A lot more like Dallas or California up North.
  10. You can walk mostly where you need. 6th street and the warehouse district isn't more than a couple of blocks from either other. You can take a taxi but we have pedi cabs around downtown. I would only use a taxi if you want to go to the east side. It will be in the 90s maybe even 100 but May. Bring plenty of shirts and most clubs don't have a dress code unless you dress like a gangbanger or wear sandals/flip flops. Rock of ages is about 5 to 7 mins away. You can take a bus from downtown to them. Possibly take an one half to a full hour to go though the stops. If you want to go up to north Austin, rent a car. We have zip car and cars2go. Little smart cars that have there own parking at certain places. Barton Springs is good to go to. It is about 68 degrees year round and really chill and walking distance to a couple of restaurants. Some girls will be topless and if you have a dog you can take it to the dog area for it to run around in the walk or take it to lady bird lake. If you have anymore questions just holla. Also @fallingapartart lives in austin - - - Updated - - - Have you been to Austin?
  11. Go to perfection and see all the great artwork. - - - Updated - - - Yes you can! If you want a certain type of food then ask around. - - - Updated - - - Alamo ritz has a smaller collection, maybe 3 or 4 movies to chose from. If you have a car, go to the one down in south Austin. It is now assigned seating. - - - Updated - - - I am glad your friend moved away. Too many fucking people here anyway. Austin is not your home and don't try to make it your home either! If you are with someone that lives in Austin have them show you around. If you are visiting say downtown. - - - Updated - - - Now, with that all said, best places to eat will be told to you by dryfess when you come to town. He works at rock of ages and is like the concierge. Stay downtown! Traffic is a motherfucker! It can take you an hour to go 15 miles if no accidents are on the road. The Hilton, San Jose and omni is my chooses to stay. Food trucks are big here! If you want more you can ask @else if she like the info I gave her and a places to eat at while in town!
  12. Maybe things have picked up for them. Thank you to the artists that do i.e. you Shannon, take time out of their day to comment. There does seem to be a lack of quality lately on the forum of questions and answers. I don't think Stewart, Valerie, Mario, Dan, Bryan, you( Shannon), or who else that is a professional, wants to have their name on a thread about " I am new here and bought a tattoo kit off eBay" or " I am a vegan, that wants only tantric music playing while I get my tattoo of a reminder to not screw my neighbor that is an alcoholic because I pistol whipped him with my taser!"
  13. Probably numbering to remember which one that one is! (Not being racist or anything but she(who is holding the baby) probably is not an upstanding citizen that and who lives off the government!)
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