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    co-owner of THREE KINGS TATTOO in beautiful greenpoint brooklyn
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    Brooklyn, NY
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    tattooing, drawing, and traveling
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  1. Sup, yoga buddy.

  2. my most hated requests are from people who want "concepts" - literally people who come in and want "something to depict strength without saying strength." or "can you capture elegance and frailty, but nothing figurative or organic." im kind of over trees and owls, but its kind of my bread and butter at this point, so i just suck it up and try and push the design as far as i can.
  3. i acutually made it out to a class with perez this weekend, and it sure kicked my ass in a good way. i agree with scott, that when i first walked in, i really didnt feel like i belonged, but the class was only 6 of us (2 tattooers, our spouses, a pregnant lady, and one of my best friends who works at a tattoo supply company) and by the end, i felt amazing. i definitely want to keep going, and i whole hearted recommend it to anyone, especially tattooers.
  4. aw hell no ! what up dawg

  5. Myles,

    thanks for being a good guy and laying a nice piece on my leg. Hopefully I'll make it out to NY to see your shop at some point and get another piece.

  6. i met lizzie at the brighton convention last year, and we split a booth at montreal this september. i went up to speakeasy for 4 days last month and cant speak highly enough about the whole experience. i was busy the whole time i was there, the customers were all amazing people who wanted awesome tattoos, and more than anything, just had a great time with everyone at the shop. it was the most at home ive ever felt at another shop, and really look forward to going back. plus, next door is some of the best coffee ive ever had. if you can, try and travel up there.
  7. pretty interesting thread..ive been looking into starting yoga for a while now, its really just about finding the time to do it. i also find it to be extremely intimidating to jump into a yoga class with no prior experience. andy, what days do you go? maybe ill roll over there with you some time. i actually started getting acupuncture about 7 months ago, and its amazing how much its helped me..i get points in my wrists and hands (my main stress points from tattooing) and general wellness points as well, and i leave feeling completely revived. has anyone tried this at all?
  8. Welcome to the site and thanks for posting some tattoo pictures as well for those who are less or not familiar with your work. I actually learned about you and your work from a fellow LSTer when we started the site so it is a pleasure to have you.

    Until next time....


  9. hey valerie..hope all is well!

  10. Chyea!!!! I like this site a lot, too. It's hard though - if I don't check in for a few days or up to a week, I feel like I lose touch with the forums. Just need more time to sit around and internerd.

  11. thanks man! i had a great time and you guys have a good thing going there!

  12. Right back atcha.

  13. inside of my fingers was pretty terrible. made me really reconsider getting my palms done.
  14. everytime i finally decide on what im going to get on my knuckles, someone walks into the shop and has it already or asks to get it. ive debated a bunch of different ones, and im sure everything has been done at some point, but i just dont want to share.
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