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  1. April 2012 TOTM

    by Sarah Schor
  2. Dragons on Women

    Aaron Bell: Horimatsu: Jeff Jibran:
  3. Yay! Thanks everyone. I was amazed by all the great tattoos this month. I can't wait to see what people get in May.
  4. Colour Ink on Dark Skin

    I've never seen skin the the color of black paper or white paper on anyone.
  5. Philson's Tattoo

    It did seem a bit fishy from the start. I really don't get why someone would go to all the trouble though.
  6. The dreaded wait to be tattooed

    I have a love/hate relationship with the wait to be tattooed. Part of me wants the instant gratification of getting it done as soon as I get the idea in my head. I'm not always the most patient. On the other hand, waiting a couple of months just builds the anticipation and is part of the whole experience. Plus, waiting a bit slows me down. I'm not looking forward to running out of room!
  7. Tatto ideas help please and thank you!!

    @ShawnPorter Thanks for the article. It's a good read. I've never wanted a text tattoo, but I couldn't specifically elaborate on why. Johnny Thief sums it up nicely.
  8. Marcus Kuhn's New Project

    I agree! I've enjoyed each episode more and more. The Tiajuana one should be really interesting. I can't wait. I live within walking distance from George Campise's shop. I should go check it out sometime soon.
  9. LST Preferred Tattoo Professionals

    Dark Horse Tattoo, Unbreakable Tattoo, and Gold Rush Tattoo all put out some good work in the greater LA area. I'd definitely like to be tattooed by Bryan Burk at Dark Horse.
  10. Instagram

  11. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I also visited Smith Street during our trip to New York and got this from Steve Boltz.
  12. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    That's awesome! She tattooed me at that convention last year and it was a fantastic experience. She was really nice and it's a great tattoo. I'd love to get another one by her this year, but after the two tattoos in New York I promised myself that I would slow down and only work on finishing my back for the rest of this year. We'll see if I can stick to that...
  13. Smith Street Tattoo

    I'm actually amazed that you were ready to be tattooed more after the number of hours you put into your back this week. The longest session I've had on my back was 4.5 hours and that completely wiped me out. I can't imagine doing longer than that 3 days in a row!