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  1. I wonder if it would be more helpful in narrowing down entries to either limit each month to tattoos completed in said month, or on the flip side: only healed tattoos. I do like the idea of having a different category each month. For example: "August SKULL tattoo of the month" or "August Backpiece of the month" or "August Palm-sized banger tattoo of the month". I'm sure us LSTers could get crafty with it
  2. My boyfriend and I are hoping to drive up at least one of the days from VT! Haven't booked with anyone yet, as I am waiting until my BF definitely has his passport (hate that they changed that law haha). But I keep seeing Jim Sylvia has time still... so tempting... Anywho, if we do make it, would love to meet up with folks!
  3. Chad Koeplinger? He just did mine about a month ago. It was a blessing that he's stupidly fast and a curse that he is so heavy handed. But at the end of the day, I think that was the best way to go. 1.5 hour large knee tattoo... yes please! Git'r done! And I also limped for close to 5 days. The first 3 I could barely walk. It's going to be awhile before I do my other knee for sure...
  4. There is also the issue of confirmation bias, which is kind of like if you just bought a red SUV, then all you see are red SUVs :) but it seems like there are a lot of factors that could influence why we may see more women with tattoos in warmer weather. On a side note, I always go through the dreaded phase at the beginning of summer when suddenly you're the "tattooed woman" and people feel way more comfortable complimenting a woman on her tattoos, but after a while, I just like to be left alone. Le sigh. I never understood the point of complimenting someone's tattoos. I obviously am happy with them and like them. They weren't forced on me, I did this to myself. Sometimes it just feels like being cat-called. Or maybe I just like complaining about people (and like to grocery shop in peace). :D
  5. What in the fuck is going on in this thread. Y'all are killin shit! *bows down*
  6. Since moving to VT, I've been enjoying all the local ciders (especially since I can't drink most beers). Great VT ciders are Citizen and Woodchuck. Lately I've been digging Citizen's Dirty Mayor strain with ginger ^_^
  7. I was hoping this thread would be people posting GOOD tramp stamps... Er lower back tattoos.
  8. Too much brain consumption in this thread for me to eloquently add to it... However, @mmikaoj if it helps, I totally understood what you said in your original post. I think everyone (yourself included) made valid points on the discussion of old tattooers. Personally, I lean towards up and coming with the pipe dream that they may be the Eddy Deutsche's or Horiyoshi III's of the future. Right?! And @hatchettjack I don't think you get what tattooing means to a lot of the folks on here.
  9. @polliwog @Pugilist @Lance @sophistre thank you!
  10. My post-tattoo blues = coming to the realization that I can't afford another one for the next 6+ months. WAH. - - - Updated - - - Oh shit @OutOfIdeas I didn't even realize that was exactly what you said bahaha
  11. It is on the front side! The large peony wraps a little, but my inner forearm is still mostly untouched.
  12. HaydenRose


    Nora Townsend, Magnetic North Tattoo
  13. HaydenRose

    Peonies - Detail

    Nora Townsend, Magnetic North Tattoo
  14. Here they are (stolen from her instagram)! By Nora Townsend of Magnetic North Tattoo in Burlington, VT. So blown away by the end result and love how big (and low :eek:!) we went. Nora is so amazing, and it was refreshing to talk candidly about the tattoo industry and all our favorite artists. She's apparently heavily influenced by Wendy Pham... kickass! I was so impressed how knowledgeable a small town shop in the middle of nowhere VT can be. One of the co-owners of the shop showed me an old in-progress O'Donnell piece, soo good. Made me miss being in NYC, but very relieved to have a solid shop down the street from me!
  15. Yes to dog food! Especially puppy food, high in calories and nutrients to fuel all your tattoo healing needs.
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