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    Tattooer from Toronto, Canada. I show art worldwide.
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    Toronto, Ontario
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    Food, art, pets, traveling, meeting tattooers
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    Tattoo artist/visual artist

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  1. I was at the NIX convention today. I went by your booth but you were not in today :( Sorry I missed you there, Oh well maybe next time.

  2. How's Wilma!!? Lol!

  3. Hey! I'm at three kings til Sunday, swing by!

  4. I appreciate that you looked!! And ps I'm doing an owl tmrw

  5. I really like your Gallery of tattoos you have posted. Very nice work!

  6. I'd love to!

  7. had such a great time! added you on FB! can't wait to get more work done by you! maybe we could do a bigger project like that sleeve coverup?

  8. What a blast! Add me on facebook!

  9. You guys rule!

  10. Lizzie

    tim cardinal

    Thank you!!!!
  11. We found the needed software to instal so hopefully in the next few weeks this will be completed. thanks for the feedback.

  12. Whoa! Timing is impeccable!

  13. Perfect timing...we are actually having some discussions and looking at new options around the gallery for user friendliness for both members and visitors. But this one we didn't know so thanks. I told the other LST Admins.

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