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    Hai.. My Name is Drew I'm 30 years old. I tattoo for a living and have been doing so since 2008. Its been a rocky road, but the most fulfilling one Ive been on in my lifetime. Born and raised in Daily City Ca Work at Royal Six Tattoo in Placerville, Ca
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    Sacramento, Ca
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    Painting. Music, Outdoor everything. Hiking, Fishing, Hunting.
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  1. I had a friend catch a flight home to Las Vegas from California the day after getting some work on her arm. she re-wrapped the work with plastic wrap for protection and flew home with no problems... Except that Airport security pulled her aside because of the very suspicious wrapping!! They thought she might be smuggling something illegal lol! So just be ready if you have a fresh tattoo and have to go through security with a wrap on. You might have your stuff rifled through.
  2. I love both. I have not been pierced in some time, but it all boils down to your own individual style. My friends and I have some of the same piercings but we wear them very differently: i.e placement, type of jewelry, guage. There is nothing more beautiful than a person who "owns" or wears their modifications well. I have stretched ears and wear huge semi precious stones that look great with the tattoos I have around my ears... The celebration of our expressive freedom is a gift and it would not be so wonderful if there weren't such strong feelings both positive and negative about modification.I believe piercing and tattooing share the same boat.
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    Hello LST from Sacramento CA ! I love Tattoos and Tattooing with all my heart and I'm signing up for this forum because I believe that all of us must continually improve everyday and my hope is that this forum will help me take new steps to achieve that. Excited and Grateful to be here.