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  1. The Tattoo Elite International is exactly what I was looking for. It has quite a few of my favorite tattoo artists so come payday, I will be picking up a few of these items. Saving up for pieces from Troy Denning, Mike Rubendall, Scott Sylvia, Chris Garver, Henning Trevino, and Horitomo-Kazuaki Kitamura. Thank you for a great recommendation!
  2. Hey all, I have been looking to spruce up my apartment with some flash prints that I can frame. Obviously I can't afford Horiyoshi III original prints at this point so I was hoping someone can point me in the direction as to where to locate artist's flash originals that they sell or general areas of research that could help me find some amazing works. Thanks in advance for your help all! Pat
  3. I got my tattoo on my upper arm. While using my computer at work, in a dress shirt, every time I was moving my arm, flakes would come out of the shirt from the wrist area and dump all over my desk. It was kind of funny as I noticed wherever I was in the office, I left some flakes. Copy machine, desk, kitchen area... and sadly a bit in my car. My bed looked like I was around a volcano with "ashy" looking flakes all in it. As far as sleeping went, I propped pillows in my bed so I couldn't roll over and it actually worked out pretty well. Part of the right of passage for my first tattoo?
  4. I would suggest doing a fantasy football league, but we'd be a week late. We still have time if interested. Not sure if we'd be able to rally together 10-12 people interested. I am a lowly NY Giants fan. It shall be a long season I feel.
  5. I wonder if he has one on each foot. Then sandals would make it look really amazing.
  6. Does he really think his stuff is good ? And do you think the customers are truly happy or do they pretend to like their tattoo.
  7. Maybe he is inspired by her superb artistic music career and groundbreaking acting portrayals. Or he is bat sh~t loony.
  8. "His name is John, and he has his own shop." SIGN ME UP! Once a week apprenticeship sounds pretty simple. I wonder if this kid applied to Tattoo School (2 weeks and you're set) style program.
  9. I live in the Santa Monica / Venice area and was recently tattooed for the first time. I guess I never noticed beforehand, but now that I have done research on a fraction of the knowledge that many of you already have, I find myself evaluating everyone's tattoos I see. For the most part, I'd say 8 out of 10 hipsters I have seen around have absolutely garbage work on them, with bad line work, shading, etc. with 10-20 tiny tattoos spread all around their arms with very little flow to it. I kind of want to ask them if they really thought having a bag of skittles, a pipe, a mustache, a PBR ca
  10. This Steelers tattoo might be brilliant, but probably is not | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports if you go to the link of the artist's page, there are even worse than the steeler's tattoo. Honestly it is ridiculous how bad these are.
  11. That looks like a rough spot for a tattoo right on the hip. Props for sitting.
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