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  1. I don't mind the show so much, but the counter people need to be kicked in the neck.
  2. 1991 @ G&G Tattoo in Ohio. Went with a friend who was getting a celtic tramp stamp. I got a Borneo tribal scorpion on my chest. At first they didn't want to do it, told me it was too big for a first piece, rough spot, ect, ect... Two and a half hours and $150 dollars later I had my first tattoo.
  3. Thanks for checking out the shots, glad you liked them. If you ever need any advice hit me up. I hear you on the bad shows, I haven't shot a show in a few years... People keep trying to hire me to shoot festivals but I hate standing around in a hot parking lot all day.
  4. Anyone else here take pictures at shows? Here's a link to some of mine... Calbee Mundy Photography | Facebook
  5. My last piece. Thigh. Done by Chris Smith at Deluxe Tattoo, Chicago
  6. Another good exercise for the wrist is to get a stick/bar/pole about a foot long, tie a 5lb weight to the middle of the bar with a rope going about to the floor. Hold the bar out straight and use your wrist to twist the bar and work the weight up and down the rope. They sell something at most sporting goods stores to do this or you can make your own. I used to have really bad wrists from falling a lot skateboarding and it really helped.
  7. Omar Bates (one of his first tattoos) Chris Smith (multiple) Myles Karr Kitt Hall Pete Oxblood
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