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  1. hey all, i figured this is the best place to post this. i dont like soliciting but i feel this is a little different. so... my girlfriend is the new york fostering and adoption coordinator for an organization called "best friends". they are based out of utah and have branched out to new york recently. in the upcoming weeks they will be starting their campaign to place rescued pets in good homes. if anyone knows of anyone looking to adopt and/or foster pets in the new york and/or surrounding areas can you please contact kristia@bestfriends.org she has been involved with animal rescque and law enforcement for over a decade and would greatly appreciate the help with finding these amazing animals good homes. sorry if no one wanted to read this and if it breaks any forum policies. thanks :) Guy Ursitti 8 of swords brooklyn, ny 11249 718 387 9673
  2. no cable tv? solarmovie.so there are pop ups but they have every episode youll want. even the new ones come on line with hours of release. you have to always click on the smallest button on the page that says continue to movie...its a hassle to learn but once you get the hang of it its no problem at all better for macs than pcs
  3. G.Uristti

    In NYC

    dan trocchio hands down! 3 kings
  4. awesome... i was wondering what happened to that painting. i donated it to an auction for hurricane sandy relief and no one told me what happened to it. im glad they enjoy it :)
  5. thanks :) if you go to my website tattooerman.com and click on the art section you will most of the stuff i have available for prints. then you can email me from there and we can get it sorted if youre interested thanks again happy holidays - - - Updated - - - thanks so much all the best
  6. its hard to say. i normally set out to do the exact opposite of what inspires me for the soul purpose of trying to bring something of my own to the table. i definitely love his tattooing from the late 90's and early 2000's( i started tattooing in 97-98) and have always loved his painting. the little that ive seen of what he does now still gets me going but i dont try to emulate it consciously. there are so many things that are floating in the back of my head. i honestly can say that what i like the most, is the art that would be associated with metal. specifically heavy metal magazine but i cant stand most metal. puss head, biz, frank frazetta... shit like that. i also like the classics. my whole point to to build off of history. to copy your contemporaries just helps you produce whats popular which is definitely necessary to survive. i have more thoughts but i cant sort them right now. kinda feel like i jumbled a bunch of shit together to answer your question. :p ive been doing off beat weird shit for a long time took a long ass break to clear my head from family shit so im just getting back to where i feel i should of been a few years ago... see im rambling again anyway hope i answered your question lol - - - Updated - - - heres a couple more
  7. i had a show open recently here are a few pieces that were in it... hope you enjoy
  8. i understand what youre getting at i cant say i dont agree with you. i just feel like the one difference between your comparisons is that there was always a glimmer of hope. on one hand it feels like, hey jump in this "boat" it might sink but just in case, make sure you can swim. on the other hand it just feels like, hey dopey get on this rocket and you wont come back. if that makes any sense at all.
  9. dont you think you could just hold your breath and die here on earth? where are all the supplies gonna come from?
  10. i know and completely agree but some people are a bit thick headed unfortunately
  11. ive used this kind of product on clients in the past but they complained about not being able to get it off so easily. other than that i was happy with it but the complaints won out. i think about revisiting using it a bunch though
  12. ive been working on a exhibit of my art the last few months. it opens at 8 or swords in brooklyn on december 13th. heres one of the 11 pieces ive been working on its 18x24 ink and water color well it will be 18x24 when i crop the paper
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