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    my name is hambone..been tattoong almost 10 yrs now..started in the spring of 2001
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    i tattoo in spokane washington..opening my own shop called BOAR'S HEAD TATTOO PARLOR on Nov. 1st
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    tattooing..tattoo history..painting...video games..music..cars..murdercycles..
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    ummm..ink slinger

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  1. i'll have to s wing into pharoes horses next time im out the visiting my parents.
  2. yea i will get some pics today and post them up..looks way better now in my opinion...and no JAllen...he has yet to come out...hahaha..lazy ass bastard that jay is..ohio is a blackhole for him
  3. hard to believe i opened up my shop, boars head tattoo parlor, 1 year ago this weekend...time flies when ya having fun!!!
  4. It was nice to finally meet you a few weeks back, thanks for supporting the site.

  5. got an appointment with brian bruno on friday...pretty stoked...horitomo seminar on saturday...as well as a few appointments...hopefully get a few more tattoos while im there....this is going to be a loooong week till the 20th!!! needs to hurry up and get here
  6. awesome idea!! thats a good man right there...
  7. thank you all...looking foward to this trip...if any of you are going to the bay area convention swing by the ink health booth and say hello, i would be stoked to meet you all!
  8. going to be in san fran for the bay area convention...besides all the shops to visit where else is good to go..bookstores and whatnot..so far all i know is the one in japantown mall
  9. who's all going to be at the bay area convention??
  10. Also, this isn't a theoretical argument, where logic wins. "If this is true, then this must equal false" It's a real-life discussion about real things and when it comes to tattoos and tattooing: The tattooer is ALWAYS right. AND STEWART COMES OUT WITH THE WIN!!!!!!!! well put sir..hahaha i used to work for a guy who only had 6 tattoos...none bigger than a softball...he was too picky or they hurt to bad...fuck that shit...i busted his balls every chance i got, especially in front of his customers...how can you tell someone how its going to feel or how to relax and breathe thru it if you have hardly done it yourself...he is a fucking parasite to my craft that i've struggled for and dedicated my life to, even before i was tattooing i was pretty heavily covered...it's a lifelong commitment. |
  11. this would be the convention to go to...hands down THE best artists in the world will be there
  12. whose going?? really stoked!! i will be tattooing at the ink health booth that weekend...pretty nervous also...alot of people are going to be tattooing there that i have looked up to/admired since i started tattooing...looking foward to meeting new faces and "heroes" so to speak
  13. hambone

    Hello :)

    where are you at in WA??? I'm over here in spokane..
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