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    tattoo collector
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    Second star on the right and straight on 'til morning
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    In terms of tattooing, history, Stoney St. Clair, the mechanics and processes of tattoo machines
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    student helper in Education

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  1. Delicious said it better. There will always be negative people out there, to that end
  2. Some stuff I look at from time to time. Keeps me going.
  3. Has Chad Koeplinger shared the story on LST?
  4. Haha yeah - - - Updated - - - What are squidpants?
  5. Just putting this out there for Mr. Sylvia and the other administrators. I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to interview all of these really talented tattoo artists and machine builders. You often speak in the videos about the level of exposure that tattooing has now. It is far more exposed and open than when you first got into the business. The number of scratchers is a lot higher. That being said for me personally, I believe that exposure to artists of the caliber that you interview is still rather limited. I'm currently a graduate student and won't be free of academia for some years yet. Your work on this site helps bring important aspects of tattooing to me, and I sure as Hell can't travel and see many of these people at this point. Tattooing right now isn't all sunshine and lollipops but you know better than I do that there are good, down to Earth people doing high quality work. Thank you, Jack
  6. Awesome story. I love the West Bank of the Cities.
  7. Native American Lady head is probably my next tattoo. Tiger Lily from Peter Pan, man.
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