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    Just a simple country boy trying to make my way in the big city. Fascinated with tattoos from an early age, started hanging around Chicago Tattooing way back when Cliff Raven and Buddy McFall were working there, and Dale Grande was just starting out. I've a decent amount of work from Dale, Mark Miller, Miles Maniaci, and Nick Colella.
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    Chicago native, now a refugee on the Wis / Ill Stateline
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    Like old motorsickles, old firearms, old books, and about anything else older than me.
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    Import / Export

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  1. Red Circle, I'm not even going to bother posting the many, many pieces Yakovlev has done of various Black personalities, or Russian folk-heroes, or any of the other work that belies the charges of "racism" lodged against him. As for my statement of there not being enough Blacks in Russia to be racist against, it was, in case you can't recognize it, intended to be humorous, but is, nonetheless, true. In general, those who cry racism the loudest and fastest are themselves the most small-minded of all.
  2. No gloves...it's funny, I was thinking about that the other day, I remember when the big deal at CTC was the autoclave...NO ONE wore gloves. Sitting getting worked on by Dale, both of us smoking. Cigarettes, yeah, that's the ticket, cigarettes...
  3. Most of my work is pre-85. Short list, tho'. Cliff Raven Dale Grande
  4. I'm already an old wrinkled dude covered in tattoos, I've got six kids, and all but two of them (too young) are regulars with Nick Colella. Fuck anyone that doesn't like it.
  5. Thanks all...I may get some work while I'm here, who knows?! My posting is very limited, been here since last April, and this is the first I've been able to. Federal Pre-Release/Halfway House, most of the residents are coming off multi-decade bits, so there is some real wild tattooing. I posted some elsewhere, and will try to get some more, but it's a fairly major violation to get caught with a camera, or taking pix. A year, no big deal.
  6. Definitely plan on it. I'm doing field research on jailhouse tattoos for the next eight months, but as soon as possible, I'll be there! The scope and quality of the work offered is, as we used to say, a trip.
  7. Ribcage really and truly, honest-to-Wotan, hurts. Don't do it.
  8. by Nick Colella at Chicago Tattoo Company
  9. Wouldn't cover either, especially if you like them. Our (lesser)tattoos remind us of mistakes we've made and things we've done, hopefully so we don't repeat them or forget them.
  10. They aren't "gangs", they are CLUBS. "Gang" is a pejorative assigned to groups of motorcycling afficianados who have formed clubs by PIGS.
  11. Hmmmm...as far as you go, I think I'd just stick with "hot chick with most excellent tattoos"! I guess it could be used as a pejorative, or as a neutral descriptor, but personally, I just think of myself as a guy who happens to have some tattoos.
  12. Well, at least the design won't end-up lower than it started! Positive, yes indeed...
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