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  1. i'll have to s wing into pharoes horses next time im out the visiting my parents.
  2. yea i will get some pics today and post them up..looks way better now in my opinion...and no JAllen...he has yet to come out...hahaha..lazy ass bastard that jay is..ohio is a blackhole for him
  3. hard to believe i opened up my shop, boars head tattoo parlor, 1 year ago this weekend...time flies when ya having fun!!!
  4. got an appointment with brian bruno on friday...pretty stoked...horitomo seminar on saturday...as well as a few appointments...hopefully get a few more tattoos while im there....this is going to be a loooong week till the 20th!!! needs to hurry up and get here
  5. awesome idea!! thats a good man right there...
  6. thank you all...looking foward to this trip...if any of you are going to the bay area convention swing by the ink health booth and say hello, i would be stoked to meet you all!
  7. going to be in san fran for the bay area convention...besides all the shops to visit where else is good to go..bookstores and whatnot..so far all i know is the one in japantown mall
  8. who's all going to be at the bay area convention??
  9. Also, this isn't a theoretical argument, where logic wins. "If this is true, then this must equal false" It's a real-life discussion about real things and when it comes to tattoos and tattooing: The tattooer is ALWAYS right. AND STEWART COMES OUT WITH THE WIN!!!!!!!! well put sir..hahaha i used to work for a guy who only had 6 tattoos...none bigger than a softball...he was too picky or they hurt to bad...fuck that shit...i busted his balls every chance i got, especially in front of his customers...how can you tell someone how its going to feel or how to relax and breathe thru it if you have hardly done it yourself...he is a fucking parasite to my craft that i've struggled for and dedicated my life to, even before i was tattooing i was pretty heavily covered...it's a lifelong commitment. |
  10. cool mario..i will stop by and say hello..
  11. this would be the convention to go to...hands down THE best artists in the world will be there
  12. whose going?? really stoked!! i will be tattooing at the ink health booth that weekend...pretty nervous also...alot of people are going to be tattooing there that i have looked up to/admired since i started tattooing...looking foward to meeting new faces and "heroes" so to speak
  13. hambone

    Hello :)

    where are you at in WA??? I'm over here in spokane..
  14. pretty stoked right now!! just saw our name in the video and banner!! whoo hoo!! Tattoo Artist Magazine is starting their West Coast tour on Friday, June 3rd, 2011. Ink Health is proud to announce that we are a Primary Sponsor of Tattoo Artist magazine on this tour. TAM will be promoting Ink Health at The Ink and Iron Festival in Long Beach, California on the Queen Mary and introducing our bandages to several Top-Shelf West Coast shops and Artists. Follow the action here TamBlog. For more information about our bandages visit us at Ink Health
  15. here's my backpiece..done by a former co-worker...chris spriggs...15 hrs..all done with a 7 mag! even the outline! sonofabitch! haha..i got him hooked on 13 mags i think on the touch a touch up session..wish i woulda done a full piece, down to the back of my knees...and yes there are a few cover ups in it.
  16. like a dumbass..no pictures..just totally wrapped up in the moment..locked it away in the ol' steel trap..his son lives here in spokane and he visits regularly..says he will stop by and get a little banger from me..i will get pics then
  17. just worked the jet city convention this past weekend...best one i have been to/worked..hands down...no annoying bands or freak side show performers..music wasnt so loud that you couldnt talk to people...got to tattoo a mentor of mine from the shop i apprenticed at..made alot of new friends...had an old timer collector talk to me and a friend for a hour about his tattoos...covered neck to foot..solid...no skin left...saw some bert grimm tattoos, zeke owen, sailor jerry..so badass..saw some sailor jerry purple on him that had been there forever..still looked sweet as hell..such a rad guy.
  18. wow..never thought of doing it that way..just got it all on a few computers and i forget about 90% of what i have...if its in a book i tend to remember it better...add this to the list of to do's
  19. thanks alot! this is such a rad bandage..i get my real ones this week..been using all the sample ones.
  20. Hey guys, i am excited to finally present to you a product i have been helping develope for the past 6 months! Here is the email i am sending out to shops and artists to get the word out. i have been testing these for the past few months now and they work awesome! If you are interested please get ahold of me and let me know. I will be able to send out samples after the 1st of February. The purpose of this email is to introduce you to Ink Health (Ink Health) and our “Custom Tattoo Bandages” and services. We are the leading “Custom Tattoo Bandage” company in the United States. We align ourselves with the finest Tattoo Artists, Promoters, Shop Owners, and Distributers as partners to assist them with their “brand” recognition. Though the use of our custom bandages (put your LOGO, Design, Contact Information, Date and Time to Remove on a Transparent Polyurethane, Non-Allergic, Water Resistant, 100% Sterile, Surgical grade bandage). No more tape and Saran Wrap (i.e., nobody wants waded up Saran Wrap and tape hanging on their body with blood, lymph and tattoo ink pooled up 10 minutes after they get tattooed), rather you provide your client a healthy, securely fitted and clean bandage that says our “brand” is the BEST! I am certain that you would agree with me that cross contamination is a real concern in our industry. The cost of providing your client a safe and healthy bandage that addresses this is priceless. We encourage our clients to roll the initial cost of the bandage into the price of the tattoo (i.e., the client pays for the bandage) and the cost of the bandages are 100% deductible as a business expense. We look forward to partnering with you to develop a bandage for you or your shop. Let us put all your information, LOGO, Design, Color, Font on a bandage for you to use on your clients. We guarantee that this will “brand” you and your shop as something very special. You will have a walking talking billboard . Our reputation for service is second to none; our entire staff stands to work with you and your staff to develop your “100% Customizable Bandage.” Please contact me at your earliest convenience should you have any questions 509-939-9993 ©. Matthew Hamblin Owner and Tattoo Artist Boar's Head Tattoo Parlor Spokane, WA Ink Health, LLC Sales Manager and Client Spokane, WA theboneham@yahoo.com 509-939-9993© Ink Health
  21. very nice..who did it?..never mind..i missed the last pic...he is dope!
  22. shop is going awesome!! thanks for asking..little slow before christmas..not the smartest time to open..haha...wierd being the owner instead of the worker, still trying to get used to that...
  23. need to get some insurance for my shop..who is good to go thru?? any opinions..i stumbled across this site thru the true tube disposables website...Home