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  1. state of grace convention is coming up. josh mason should be there. you should most definatly get one from him! also i've seen a 17 year old b&g chuy quintar portrait that was perfect and looked like it could have been done yesterday.
  2. henry rodriguez

    swazi horses

    thanks karl!
  3. henry rodriguez

    Sounding off....

    welcome jason!
  4. henry rodriguez

    swazi horses

    got a few prints on my website if anyone is interested. thanks www.tattoosbyhenry.com
  5. henry rodriguez

    swazi horses

    got a few of these left from a recent convention. 16x16 or 18x18 don't remember. $30 and some shipping. my email and paypal: henry@tattoosbyhenry.com.....thanks!!
  6. henry rodriguez

    palm tattoos

    ...and i quote myself
  7. henry rodriguez

    palm tattoos

    ^^^exactly!! nothing is fukking sacred anymore
  8. henry rodriguez

    girl head

  9. henry rodriguez


  10. henry rodriguez


  11. henry rodriguez

    Portland Tattoo Expo 2011

    yeah that was pretty lame. i was at the state of grace convention but was hoping to do the home one last year
  12. henry rodriguez

    Portland Tattoo Expo 2011

    i'm not going this year. will be in hawaii. our shop is also opting out and a few people i talked to said it wasn't that great last year so they're not coming this year. who knows anyhow i'm sure there will be a few good artists to choose from
  13. henry rodriguez

    Shark Tattoos for shark week!

    i did this one a while back
  14. henry rodriguez

    new flash poster!

    20x24 $70 paypal: henry@tattoosbyhenry.com thanks!!