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    Will Rise 443 N Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036 310-408-8683 off sunday through tuesday
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    My wife, my kid, my dog, and tattooing.
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  1. Are people bummed because it's a tattoo school, or because it's on tv? I got a copy of the Milton Zeis school of tattooing manual, and I'm still trying to figure half that shit out.
  2. Kevin Campbell

    Jerry Flower

    it's a flower that sailor jerry drew before i tattooed it
  3. Kevin Campbell

    Kids on Anchor

    Some kids on an anchor
  4. Kevin Campbell

    Henny Penny

    the real henny penny saw this and sent her security cock fighters to the shop to fuck me up
  5. I like to do black and grey roses
  6. Yeah, I do color portraits.