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  1. Eli at Smith St just did this one on me
  2. Just got an appointment with Eli Quinters for next week and my appointment with Tron in April is getting closer and closer :). Getting a dagger w/ a rose by Eli and thinking about a lady head snake dagger thing from Tron's book
  3. Just got these two from Dusto at Tower Classic in St. Louis as a Christmas present to myself
  4. this is my girlfriend's newest from ashley love at ny adorned in nyc, I am way too jealous
  5. thanks for the welcome everybody
  6. just scheduled a consult with ashley love to plan out my next piece, I know I want a chubby babe but after seeing a piece she did with a sundae I kind of want to incorporate food into it somehow. I'm beyond excited
  7. hey everybody, I'm alex from brooklyn. I have two pieces so far, one on my forearm and one on the underside of my arm. I'm planning on getting a chubby pin up from Ashley Love soon as well as a wolf head. This forum's wealth of tattoo history is amazing and I'm very glad I found this place. here's what I have, sorry that these photos are fresh and not healed, the red in the first one has calmed down a bit but it still does look like her ass has been freshly slapped by eli quinters at smith street tattoo and by jeremy whitely at thicker than water cheers
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