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  1. Done by Tony Nilsson a couple of years ago! (never mind my hairy and ashy armpit)
  2. Here's my panther done by Chad Koeplinger a little over an year ago! Alreadu scarred. Done in like 30-40 minutes!
  3. Did my chest last Sunday! At this point it's itching like hell. I'm walking around stroking my chest. I wonder why people look at me weird!
  4. Chad is fast and heavy handed, but his stuff heals fast and good(atleast the two I already got from him). He did my elbow and forearm, and it wasn't a problem at all. No reason to shy away from him.
  5. Thanks! So glad I'm done! Thanks! No worries! Chad is also super fast! That's also part of why I chose him to do my chest piece. Great guy! Thanks! Yes, that's the price to pay! Luckily I don't have to do it again!
  6. Got this done by Chad Koeplinger today! Really happy!
  7. Got this one shot done by Chad Koeplinger today! The chest was way more painful than I thought it would be!
  8. Really nice @marley mission! I have an appointement with Chad Koeplinger in September to do a one shot chest pharaoh's horses!
  9. Like the title says: Pharaoh’s horses. All things pharaoh’s horses
  10. A couple of months ago my girlfriend told me that if I got into the school I applied for, she would get me a chest piece! After months of hard work I found out today that I got accepted for the school! So I guess a chest piece is on it's way!
  11. got my first tebori from Toshi(Bunshin Horitoshi) the other day. Great experience, and Toshi is a great guy. Went with something simple and classic for my first japanese tattoo
  12. Just got my first tebori from Bunshin Horitoshi. Tosi is a great guy! Highly recommended. I went with something classic and simple for my first japanese tattoo
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