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I don’t like my tattoo.. opinions?




I just got my first tattoo of a little Forrest on my wrist and I’m freaking out literally till I’m crying because I think it looks in attractive.  




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Black is the easiest color to have removed.... Question: were you dead set on that design from the get go? And did your tattooer try to steer you away from going for the wrist forest at all?

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Honestly it looks pretty cool. If you add on to it maybe like a night theme with a moon, animal of your choice, it’ll definitely stand out even more. 

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I personally think the tattoo looks fine, You can put a moon  like others have said and it would look awesome. Also before they tatted you up, did you see the design on your wrist, the way it would look. When I go to my artist, they usually ask me to pick the design myself, the size, what exact location I want it on, also the reasons for getting the tattoo, but I got good history with my tattoo artists, also if this is recently done, you might want to wait a while, let it heal etc, may even look better.

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Also, usually before I got to get my tattoos me and the artist have a pre-session to talk about everything and ask questions, then set up an apointment, but like I originally stated it doesn't look bad at all.

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i think it looks good and its not so big..maybe you are finding it dark?  but it will look much better in a few months once its properly settled into the skin and it will get lighter too .... i think its a great start, and incase you decide to continue it upwards, you can use some play with contrast and create a beautiful sleeve or half sleeve ....

honestly id just leave it for a while , let it grow on you, before making any rushed decisions...believe me, i made rushed decisions over and over before i learnt that lesson, and i've reached a point of no return with my tattoo that i dont like, and now its such a big part i hate, i dont even have laser as an option anymore coz there are just too may layers to deal with.

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I think it looks cool! Don't overthink it. We tend to get regret feelings after a tattoo sometimes because it's going to stay there forever and that is VERY scary. Just don't worry and remember why you decided to get it😄

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