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  1. i think it looks good and its not so big..maybe you are finding it dark? but it will look much better in a few months once its properly settled into the skin and it will get lighter too .... i think its a great start, and incase you decide to continue it upwards, you can use some play with contrast and create a beautiful sleeve or half sleeve .... honestly id just leave it for a while , let it grow on you, before making any rushed decisions...believe me, i made rushed decisions over and over before i learnt that lesson, and i've reached a point of no return with my tattoo that i dont lik
  2. thanks for your opinion. yes i will probably give that a try..its either white ink, or scarification :- im open to both, its just a bummer to trravel anywhere at the moment, ,so options are limited until the world heals from Covid
  3. thanks, yeah thats what im thinking too. ive found a good artist in Goa who has done some pretty good stuff with white on black, gonna keep my hopes up on that for now...
  4. Hello All. Im going through massive regret and anxiety from a recent cover up that turned out really dark, its almost a blackout. Its totally not what i iexpected. I'm thinking white over black ink could be a soloution to save this and have it looking good ? i've seen some really good results with white. I never wanted or imagined so much black, and did everything to avoid it, but the artist was not clear about his vision, and im in shock at the moment. going through massive anxiety and depression. If any of you care to say what you think about it, i'd appreciate it
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