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Who HAS tattooed you?

mario desa


we saw the wish list, now who have you been tattooed by?? here's my list, i think it's complete...

this might be a bit off topic, or the opposite, but here's who HAS tattooed me...

-adrian luna

-adam siehr

-dan trocchio (multiple)

-jon reiter (multiple)

-jeremy tupta


-mike bruce


-dan gilsdorf

-jerry ware

-seth ciferri (multiple)

-scott sylvia

-jeff zuck

-tim biedron

-harlan thompson

-tomas garcia

-adam shrewsbury

-dave cavalcante

-jeremy swed

-nick colella (multiple)

-bailey robinson

-jef whitehead

-erik gillespie

-jen munford

-nick rodin

-eli quinters

-bert krak

-brad mariachi

-aaron coleman

-cleen rock one

-carol (forgot her last name)

-dawn cooke

-julio avila (multiple)

-scott harrison

-josh arment

-matt ziolko

-dale grande

-keith underwood

-jason mcafee

-gary galke

-josh howard


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I'm not heavily tattooed, but here's my short list-

Marcus Brooks (1st tattoo, friend's house, he has since passed)

Jef Whitehead

Eddy Deutsche (It's so small, it might not even count!)

Dan Higgs (also tiny)

Scott Sylvia

Freddy Corbin

Tim Lehi

Mike Wilson

Tim Hendricks

Chummy Alexanian

Hector Fong

Thomas Hooper

Like I said, I'm not heavily tattooed, but I'm happy with the names on my list so far. Although, if I were a dude with all this pink skin, I would never ever date me.

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Damn. For someone not heavily tattooed that's quite a respectable list! So far:

Dave Wallin

Eli Quinters

Jake Fraser

Todd Noble

Eli Quinters

Oliver Peck

Bailey Robinson

Andy Perez

Gene Coffey

Matt Lautar (not sure if he's still tattooing)

and some dude named Paul whose shop burned down a couple months later. He was white and had dreads.

Also, funny, Mario, I talked to you a few days ago on the phone to see if you'd be around in a couple wks but you'll be in CA! Hopefully I can add you to the list, ha

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Nice lists everyone!

Here's mine:

Dylan Weeks

Nate Bernstein

Adam Francey

Jason Scott

Geoff Horn

Angry Al

Darcy Nutt

Orrin Hurley

Mike Shea

Bradley Stevens

Salty Dave

Dave Fox

Tony Hundahl

Marcus Kuhn

Lauren Dubee

Chad Koeplinger

Josh McAlear

Jef Whitehead

Robert Ryan

Adam Shrewsbury

Tomas Garcia

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Small list...I got started late!

Fidel Casillas

"Tiger" John

Dan Martin

Christian Best

Tracy Lambright

Kevin Poon

Erik "Color" Del Rio

Hunter Spanks

Mario Desa

Keith Underwood

Bailey Robinson

Jimmy Duvall (Norway)

Katja Ramirez

Haya (Japan)

Richard Stell

Apprentice tattoos by my own hand, and one excruciating but very sentimental tattoo by my non-tattooer wife Sara.

Looking forward to adding a name or two at the SFO show...

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yeah i dont have a huuuge list either but damn i got some good big tattoos

fred stonehouse (look him up)

bill McCoy

derrick snodgrass

jason freeman

mario desa

scott sylvia (huge thigh piece, neck and entire chest/stomach)


troy timple

dan hazelton

dan trocchio (a couple tats)

patrick conlon

jeff rassier (a couple tats)

mike lucena

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i've been tattooed by some good friends, somedecent tattooers, and some losers. but after 22 years, thats expected.

scott sylvia

jeff rassier

aaron cain

dan higgs

jef whitehead

richard stell

eric doyle

jason goldberg

eddie deutche

tony morrell

hori taku

mike wilson

freddy corbin

sonny tufts

eric hogan

bert krak

matt rinks

brady duncan

pee wee


eric inksmith

dave waugh

little vinnie

murray sell

marty lacoste

josh hoffman

my wife

shannon shirley

juan puente

and a few other unmentionables.....lol

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Dave Attonito

Darren Anderson

Matt Welch

Tabatha Hutchins

Ron Domstead

Jason Mills


Megan Fernandez


Chris McPherson

Pete Gilcrease

Dan Starkey

Damn, I need to get out more...

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two guys from wisconsin whose names I can't remember


Bill Salmon

Junii Salmon

Henry Goldfield

Jack Rudy

Louis from Reno

Mono from Holland

An 11 year old kid

My wife

Eddie Duetsch

Jeff Whitehead

Jason Voisine

Max Kilbourne

Filip Leu

Mick of Zurich

Brian Kaneko

Sean Grimes

Horitoshi I of Tokyo

Tsukasa Mouri

MY self

Dave Gibson

Caleb Forbis

Juan Puente

Brian Jansen

Paul Stottler

The Grime


upcoming sfo appt. With Mario Desa

Ed Hardy

Filip Leu

Most of my work is from Grime, Filip Leu, and Bill Salmon

Closing in on the suit ! Tatt Life Por Vida!

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amoxill...what did i tattoo on you?

creepy kewpie doll rooster back in '95. you also tattooed some swallows on my wife a few days later before we left town. they still look great!

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Small list, once I find I people I dig I usually get a good amount of work from them.

Gary Clark (multiple)

James Marlowe (multiple)

Erik Von Bartholomaus (multiple)

Dave Kruseman

Jason Amadio (multiple)

Mario Desa

and about a handful of people I cant remember their names over the past 12 or 13 years.

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Here's mine, some of you guys I'm super jealous of.

Pete Campbell

Atom Messmer


Mark Landis

Cody Miller

Nick Rodin

Leonard Reefe

Jay Kearney

Josh Kimbrell

Oliver Peck

Mike Wilson

Jason McAffee

Jeffrey Page

Will Card

Charles Hare

Mike Rennie

Osh O'Loughlin


Eli Quinters

Bert Krak

Steve Boltz

Richard Stell

Tony Hyundahl

Scott Sylvia

Candace Molayem

My wife

Jared Caulfield

Al Bulling

Nicolas Budner

Sam Hambrick

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ok i remember! cool. you must mean '05, though.

haha lost a decade somewhere....yeah it was '05.

didn't get the opportunity to stop by 713 and say hi when you came to houston, but will most certainly catch up at SFO...

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Ricky Sturdivant (multiple)

Chris "TRBO" Goff (multiple)

Mario Desa (hey thats YOU buddy!)(multiple)

Nick Colella(multiple)

Allie Sider

Josh Howard (multiple)

Kieth Underwood (multiple)

Oliver Peck

Jeremy Ross

Chris Smith (multiple)

Erik Gillespie (multiple)


Ricardo Compean

Tim Beck

Patrick Cornolo

Nikki "balls" Lugo

Lee Leahy

Jake Kearney

and some friends that are non-pros but i love them anyway..

Anna Sturdivant

Amanda Hart

David Arquette when i tattooed him during the filming of Scream 4

K Stokes

Drew The Killa

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Here's my small list. Hard to get tattooed when you're dead ass broke and don't wanna go to a scratcher! Hoping to scrounge some cash together to tack another name on at SFO convention this month tho...

Scott Sylvia (multiple- chest, belly, arm, legs)

Juan Puente

Nick Rodin

Mike Lucena

Doug Hansen (multiple)

Iggy Vans

Josh Colaci

Hey Dean- what's the story behind you getting tattooed by an 11 year old boy??

Also does anyone care to share stories of getting tattooed by their wife/significant other? I noticed a lot of you had wives on your lists

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I honestly can't recall but that's a great way to describe somebody. He moved there around 3 years ago if I remember correctly and looking at the shop's old staff that's gotta be him then. Time to edit the list..

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I had my wife tattoo me for a few reasons...One is that when I show her my portfolio for critiquing, she is way harder on me than anybody I know, which is awesome. I figured I should let her try it so she can see how difficult it is. The tattoos she did on me turned way better than I expected, so I guess my point wasn't really proven, but whatever. The only blowout on the whole thing is on the line that I did, and the yellow she put in it is more solid than the yellow in a tattoo right next to it done by an actual tattooer...The other reason it happened was that we were getting drunk at the tattoo shop after hours, and it seemed like the thing to do.

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Chris Boilore

Vinnie Rimmer

Derek Noble

Dan Rick

Eric Jenks

Sean Peters

Greg Drake

Mike Adams

Jef Wright

Jamie Morton


Preston Mashburn

Dave Smith

Freehand Robert

Lorne Morris

Levi Hatch

A couple more I'm sure.

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