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  1. Dean Schubert / Yapese Tattoo Adventure. Reviving the Traditional Tattoo of Yap Just wanted To drop this on everyone here on Last Sparrow. Haven't been in the mix here too much lately, but I have a lot of respect for all the people that make Last Sparrow happen. Enjoy, Dean
  2. I agree with Julio, its like racial slang. If you aren't part of the race, you can't use the word. In other words , if you aren't black , you shouldn't be dropping N bombs.
  3. To me, unless you are from Japan, and a member of a Japanese "business" family, the Japanese suit is out of place. The more you learn about the culture and the history of Japanese tattooing, the "mystery " and fantasy of the work dissolves. What's left is a very rigid culture that is out of synch with western ways. The work is no doubt beautiful when done properly. But think of this, those suits are earned within their culture. When Americans, and other westerners coop the style, the core intent of the suit in Japanese culture, has been stripped away, and we are left with surface decoration mostly derived from Chinese art and literature. I like it when westerners add their own flavor. If a westerner is making what they consider traditional Japanese work, they are posing. Even if some of your relatives lived in Japan generations ago. You are living in Japan making tattoos in that system, or, you are offering imitation Japanese traditional work. With that in Mind, there are some awesome, inspiring tattoos made by Traditional Japanese artists. And on occasion, I do some poser Japanese work myself. As a westerner, the idea of middle age men having "masters" just does not work for me. The Japanese philosopher, DT Suzuki said something to the effect..... If you want to understand Japan, you must start with India. On that note see you in a couple of weeks, time for another digital cleanse.
  4. I want to travel to Milwaukee to get a tattoo! I've collected some sizable tattoos while traveling . Its great fun and adds a sense of adventure to the whole process of collecting work. And you are getting work from the coolest shop in one of my favorite places.
  5. I didn't know who Holly Madison was. That was one of Hugh's former prostitutes right. Nice try on the property patch removal. The media should throw up more real photos. Or better yet stop tuning into or buying that crap. Our country is retarded. No offense to the developmentally disabled.
  6. We once had a guy in the shop who was of Japanese descent who picked out a number of Kanji . None of the symbols went together. They were chosen for their "look". I feel that symbols and images also function on innate feelings. Everything human is a continuation of activity. There is no start or finish in defining imagery. Certain groups, cultures, clubs, gangs, etc. claim images and restructure them from time to time. This usually takes place as a tool to maintain control over other humans. When a person chooses a tattoo, they have the right to allow that image to speak to themselves however they like. Meaning is personal and should remain so. Meaning is always evolving. However, If a person chooses to adorn themselves with tattoos that are earned within particular sub-cultures, it would be in their best interest to understand the implications of wearing said tattoo. Is this conversation about blackwork? oh yeah. that shit looks cool.
  7. "tribal" is the ultimate traditional style. I have had the great pleasure of tattooing many of our local Native Americas, with their imagery. It's a real honor to make these tattoos. While these tattoos have a fashion aspect to them, they seem about as "real" as it gets to me. Whenever I work on these folks, it makes me think of the rest of what I do as kind of corny.
  8. Well put Jack! the current paradigm is completely lame, However, I'm having the time of my life doing what I've been working towards for the last twenty years!
  9. Please ....Do not support the Blue Lake convention! See my comments on Shotsies Blog!
  10. Do not Support this convention please. Wrong vibe for tattooing See my comments on Shotsies Blog
  11. Shotsie, if you looked into what this convention at blue lake is really all about, I would hope that you wouldn't support it. I have total respect for your participation in tattooing and you've been on my radar since the beginning. I even own a copy of Tattoo Advocate that you signed for Phil Sparrow. I've been tattooing here in Humblodt County for over 15 years (longest standing artist in the area). I can't speak for the artists or the people of our county, but we are in remote island like culture with a healthy disdain for mainstream America. None of the veteran Humboldt County artists are supporting this convention. I personally can't stand the fact that one of the local Casino's is using their wealth culled from "winners", to be the loudest voice in local tattooing, and in a small area like this "local" means a lot. In my opinion, if you're working for the Casino, you are working against everything cool about tattooing. Our area has Stellar tattooers who have worked and traveled around the world to bring back what is good and right about tattooing to little old Humboldt County. We don't need the Casino and we don't need anymore artists in Humblodt. I've invested most of my Adult life in this community, (emphasis on community), I hate to see things go in the direction of dumb-dumb strip-mall, casino loving America, but with events like this and outsiders thinking they've got something "unique" to bring here, we slip closer and closer to the bland, retread, consumer based moronic ideology one finds so prevalent outside the Redwood Curtain. I urge you and anyone else considering this show to pause for a moment and think about why you got involved with tattooing. I doubt working for Casinos is what you had in mind. Keep Tattooing Cool. Respectfully, Dean Schubert
  12. You own the piece, not the artist, so do what you like, You may have a hard time finding an artist that wants to deal with it for various reasons, however, For you its something you walk around with for life, for the artist, much less of a commitment and another day on the job. Oh well, they can't all be winners.
  13. Congratulations! Hope you have a fun day of tattooing or whatever you choose to do!
  14. Got a ton of em. I'll have to share some of the cooler ones at some point on here.