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  1. Wouls you say blistering is because of a bad or none eficient way of aplying the laser? Im ataching a small pic of the blistering after a first try out on my shin.
  2. thanks for posting this, i had one pico sure treatment and it swelled really bad, i cant imagine the kind os swelling and blister i had on this guys face. looking forward for progress pics.
  3. Ahora te agrego al instagram, bienvenido!
  4. The Brag Art List, thanks peterpoose :cool: I am from Madrid, and usually travel to barcelona to get tattoos, BCN is the shit, has great artists, check out LTW store they are always having great guest artist. Jondix usually has like a 1 year waiting list, but totally worth the wait. good luck
  5. Man there ara so much good artists and masters i would have a bad time picking only one of them. my right arm will be japanese style, and i think for the moment Horimitsu from the Horitoshi family is my favourite.
  6. Mike is a great guy, i flew to his private studio in Athens and wasnt disaapointed, i had a great time and went back with a great tattoo. Being tattooes by both Mike and Jondix is an honor for me, great artists.
  7. That piece is from miguel ochoa ( @miguel_ochoa in instagram)
  8. Sorry ! I looked for them before posting, i must skiped them. Thanks!
  9. Hi you could add to Spain: Jondix www.hollytrauma.com / Robert Hernandez ( best ) Deno at circus tattoo The guys at LTW javier rodriguez, Jorge Teran etc... And in Japan dont forget about Horimitsu, the nicest guy, Honey-tattoo, i am seriously thinking of travelling to Japan to get a sleeve from him. Man thanks for this great idea, Cheers!
  10. It would be great to see a picture of your arm in general, and healed, as i said before this tattoos are amazing.
  11. I have booked a month ago with Jondix again to continue with another piece on me arm, the waiting will be long, till may, but so worth it! i think i will ask for a tibetan mask a mahakala, with some more sick geometry. :)
  12. I have this feeling too, i think its a normal thing, like you have to adapt to a new change in your body and your brain has to absorb the new intruder being there. Maybe each of us deal with this diferently, and one way is to feel a little sad/afrai/nostalgic etc.
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