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    Life has taught me that sometimes there just isn't a right or wrong answer, some chapters just don't
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  1. the redness may also be due to irritation from moving. you would be surprised how much your arm twists and turns during the day! i just got a forearm tattoo last sunday and part of it goes in the ditch of my elbow and i have a bit of soreness and redness from the constant moving and folding my arm. dont stress too much hun, your body will take care of everything as needed :]
  2. it was directed to artists as they are the one doing the act, but i love hearing from everybody! ;D thanks for all the input ladies and gents! i appreciate it!
  3. I got my first tattoo not long after I turned 18. It was a memorial for my mother that had recently passed away and when my father saw he didnt really care either way. I have never had a very good relationship with him, so it was one of those "there isnt anything you can do about it anyway" things, he knew i was going to do as I saw fit. haha. even becoming more covered he doesnt really have much to say, when he notices something new he nods and says "oh thats nice". My in-laws however, yikes! My husband has a few tattoos and his brother is getting rather covered right now as well and every time their mom notices a new tattoo she calls them later and crys about how she has failed as a parent etc etc etc. My father in law however, I think he secretly wants a tattoo but doesnt want to deal with the wrath of the wifey.
  4. This has become an interesting topic to me recently as i was involved in a situation where this was a bit of a controversy. (I recently had to get a piece redone) I have heard some shops do not redo other artists pieces ever, i know some artists that wont touch other certain artists pieces to not cause conflict of interest. What is your take as an artist on redoing/reworking/completely covering up other artists work? I feel like if the original artist didnt do it right the first time then they have no right to be upset if the client looks elsewhere for a better go.
  5. this is indeed a fun topic. when my husband and i started dating i didnt have a drop of ink and he had one shoulder cap piece. Its been 6 years that we have been together, 2 of which we have been married, and all i can say is we can document different areas of our relationship by the pieces of art we have collected over the years. It in a sense has been something to bind us together. My husband is not your typical looking tattoo collector, he is rather clean cut, and "square" from the outside perspective. haha. I know before now he never would have been like "hum when i grow up im going to be with a tattooed chick" but look at where we are now! I think your acceptance or the appeal of heavier tattooed people grows in accordance with your personal collecting.
  6. the name is Caressa! :] I completely forgot there was a second one made! haha! And no, i have yet to read that book, i will have to check it out! thanks for the suggestion!
  7. Brick, Green Street Hooligans, and Empire Records are some of my all time favourites. I have really been exploring the foreign film section of my netflix and i have been very pleasantly surprised! Troubled Water (Norwegian triller), Tale of Two Sisters (Korean horror) and Let the Rigth One In (Swedish vampire movie) and they have all blown me away!
  8. im so glad it started to pick up on this thread! I am by no means heavily tattooed, (I currently have 8 pieces in my collection, two of them are rather large however, a half sleeve on my left arm and a good size piece on my calf) and even I have issues with people more often than not. I am all for answer questions about where i got my piece done, who did it, why etc etc etc, most of the time. As traceelinn said, whenever you can change someones preconceived notion about the tattooed community, its a step in the right direction. That being said, im sorry I cant stay at the counter at Starbucks an extra 10 minutes telling you all about my ink. I dont want a 5 minutes grocery run to last 30+ mins. It is unfortunate that onlookers decide they have the right to treat any tattooed person as a circus animal(unless thats what you are going for haha). I am female, and i have always gotten a few extra glances, not that I'm hot shit, i just have boobs. go figure. But tattoo ogling is so much more accosting than normal. I have plenty of male friends that are more covered that as most have mentioned here, are not approached nearly as often. On the topic of tattoos and judging. I must admit, I am particular about what I find attractive, I suppose you would say. I have to catch myself at times passing judgement on what I think is a crappy tattoo (concept or execution). That has nothing to do with the sex of the person that has the tattoo. Personally, I dont like vulgar tattoos, I would never want to have something of that nature on MY body, however their tattoo is on them so whatever rubs your buddha.
  9. Found this article today, its a few months old but interesting nonetheless. "What do you think when you see a woman with a tattoo? This is not a question with a right or wrong answer; this is a question of perception. So I guess, the real question is, “How do you perceive a woman with a tattoo in society? Does it affect how you judge her?” Of course it does. As much as a woman’s blond hair or pretty face leads her to be judged. But a tattoo isn’t the result of DNA, it’s a choice, an assertion. But how did tattoos become taboo for women, and most importantly where can we go from here?..." Guest Post: Feminism & Tattoos: A Woman For all the ladies out there, do you feel like you are percieved differently due to your tattoos? Heavily tattooed women, if you didnt notice a difference with your first few pieces, have you noticed something different the more covered you become? I want to hear from the gents as well! What do you think? Do you noticed more women getting slag about their work than men?
  10. i have both feet tattooed, the entire top from ankle to toe knuckle. my right foot was fine until we went over the knuckles (i also have very bony feet) but otherwise i was very relaxed and fell asleep for a bit of it. my left foot however i could not relax and i kept twitching like a fool. i always sit very well for the handful of tattoos i have so it was very disheartening to have that happen, i got kinda embarrassed! haha, even though both myself and my artist knew i couldn't control it. I was under the impression that it is not uncommon for your dominant side to have more pain tolerance due to more muscle control and whathaveyou, which would make sense on why my left foot hurt like hell for awhile as i am a rightie! anyways, my two cents! :]
  11. i resemble that sentiment completely! my artist loves to tattoo me and tells everyone i am a mutant for the fact that generally i am healed within a weeks time haha. aveeno with the green top for life ;]
  12. I love Allie at Hyperbole, this makes me crack up so hard!
  13. ello ello! yes i find this forum very interesting and a great way to kill time at work ;p Thank you all for the warm welcome! you shall see more of me muwahahha
  14. hello there! and thank you muchly! haha this is not the first time i have been told, this week alone, that i look really young. I happen to be 21! :] In photographs i look very young and in real life people always think I am older than i am haha I love my name as well, the last part is all thanks to my husband! Cant really get more german than that. I go by Lindy if we are doing last names

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