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  1. Damn, @Jackrabbitt666! I saw that on his IG and thought, "Cool...I wonder if that was inspired by the Percy Waters design?" I'm so happy that I was able to help a bit. Great start to a killer tattoo!
  2. And here's a fantastic version by Ben Siebert posted yesterday on LivedInTattoos IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAGiFSeMA94/
  3. What a thoughtful, informative reply, @Mike Panic. Thanks for answering our questions so thoroughly!
  4. hogg


    I agree with SStu.
  5. Super cool. And yeah, the chest is quite different from the arms. :)
  6. Gorgeous, @Fala! Tough sit in a horrible spot.
  7. Agreed! And I'm a Chuang Tzu fan myself.
  8. Looks great, @bongsau, but the very sight gives me a sympathy headache.
  9. I do, too. It's a nicely executed black and gray rose--one of the most iconic tattoos around. And I think that your complexion is perfect for it.
  10. I'm a sucker for a well-executed munewari, and no one does them better than Horitoshi: And my jaw hits the floor pretty much every time Brian Kaneko posts anything. Example: Same goes for Drew Flores. The head he's working on is also a nice reminder that tattoos can still be shocking:
  11. Ha! I saw the original post, too, @BrianH. That's good internetting.
  12. BUMP. Re-reading this thread and then reading several recent threads made me realize that the level of discourse has fallen around here. I didn't start this site, but I've been here since the beginning, and everything that @SacramentoDan said in this thread's first post is what I loved/still love about it. If you wanna find strangers being rude to each other on the Internet, go to literally any other forum. LST is different, and as a moderator, I'll ask that you respect and help to maintain that difference. I've met several of you in real life and have really enjoyed getting to know you a little better. Some of you are now real world friends (imagine that). If one of us had made a shitty comment to the other online, we'd both be less inclined to want to meet in the first place. If there's a poster you don't like, put them on ignore. Have a snide comment typed out that is guaranteed to lower the level of discourse/add nothing? Feel free to delete it. If someone's really out of line, trust that the other mods and I will gladly swing the banhammer. Thanks.
  13. hogg


    That's one helluva lineup. Welcome!
  14. My parents didn't talk to me for 3 years because I moved in with my fiancee. So you'll understand if I don't give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to tattoos.
  15. @Graeme: Now you're just showing off. ;) @Hands On: If you're asking if I bought anything, I did not. But the temptation was great.
  16. Last night, I got to tour Ed Hardy's art studio. I saw countless pieces spanning five decades--everything from porcelain to flash to massive painted scrolls and more. I'm still trying to process everything; it was a truly incredible experience. So yeah. That's an awesome thing I did recently.
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