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    Adam is a Cimmerian. He was born on a battlefield and is the son of a village blacksmith. Adam matured quickly as a youth and, by age fifteen, he was already a respected warrior who had participated in the destruction of the Aquilonian outpost of Venarium. After its demise, he was struck by wanderlust and began his adventures, encountering skulking monsters, evil wizards, tavern wenches, and beautiful princesses. He roamed throughout the Hyborian Age nations as a thief,outlaw, mercenary, and pirate. As he grew older, he began commanding larger units of men and escalating his ambitions. In his forties, he seized the crown of the tyrannical king of Aquilonia, the most powerful kingdom of the Hyborian Age, having strangled the previous ruler on the steps of the throne. Adam's adventures often result in him performing heroic feats, though his motivation for doing so is largely to protect his own survival or for personal gain.
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  1. I Pray To Crom

    American Traditional Artist for sleeve

    Thanks man, I really appreciate it!
  2. I Pray To Crom

    American Traditional Artist for sleeve

    Yay another Minnesotan on here. We have a lot of good shops here, a lot of bad ones too
  3. I Pray To Crom

    American Traditional Artist for sleeve

    Bob Roberts at Spotlight
  4. I Pray To Crom

    sup, brah!

    Hey thanks! I really appreciate it. I've only been tattooing for 5 years so i know i still have a long way to go!
  5. I Pray To Crom

    How do you react to stares??????

    I guess I'm used to getting stared at. Doesnt really bother me
  6. I Pray To Crom

    sup, brah!

    Thanks fellas!
  7. I Pray To Crom

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Super Nice!
  8. I Pray To Crom


    Adam Underwood
  9. I Pray To Crom


    Adam Underwood
  10. I Pray To Crom


    Adam Underwood
  11. I Pray To Crom


    Adam Underwood
  12. I Pray To Crom

    gorrilla cover up

    Adam Underwood
  13. Personally, I just say that none of my tattoos have a deep meaning...it's the truth
  14. I Pray To Crom

    Introduction- One tattoo and unfortunately I don't like it

    I work at the studio with Jon, and I remember your tattoo. I'm glad you appreciate it a bit more than you did the last time you were at the shop. I think its a pretty lovely tattoo. Cheers
  15. I Pray To Crom

    sup, brah!

    Hey, I'm back, after lurking a few more years. I finally added a gallery of my work. I currently Tattoo at Broken Hearts Tattoo Club in NE Minneapolis, Minnesota.