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  • Birthday 11/14/1983

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    I'm from Germany,tatooing since July 2007.I have two Dogs.Louis and Rosa
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    in a very very tiny town in Saxony,Germany
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    my girl,my dogs,books,watercolours,my bicycle
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  1. have you dotshaded that part around the star? Looks great!
  2. Schick!Gibt's das dann zu kaufen?
  3. martin troger


    richtig gut!Das ist wieder sowas was man selber gerne hätte
  4. Thanks man! Really appreciate it.

  5. man your tattoos are awesome!One of the most beautyful girls i've seen.

  6. Thanks again for the info and follow up. I googled trabants and see they could be fun street legal go-karts, haha. Thanks and until next time...have a good day!

  7. My client said the oldsmobile is a 78.He lives in Swizerland.There are no Hotrods in my Town.I live in the deep east of Germany.we have few trabants here,ha,ha(google that).

  8. martin troger


    Hammer!gefällt mir sehr gut!
  9. Awesome! What year oldsmobile? Are customs and hot rods popular in your town?

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