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    • Hello!  How are you feeling now about your tattoo?
    • So I got my first tattoo 2 days ago. 3 white paw prints on my ankle. Not exactly how I wanted but I still like them. I have been washing with warm water and antibacterial soap and then applying coconut oil as advised. This morning I was stripping and pressure washing a decking so I wrapped in cling film to protect against infection. Instead of a couple of hours I ended up taking over 4 hrs as I slipped and threw stripper all over the conservatory completely messing up the coloured plastic frame. We rent. It's not good.  Anyway when I came to take the cling film off it was full of white goo. Sticky gunk, like glue. I wiped it off but in the process some layers of tattoo came off! They are still white but they are now a bit indented like quite a few layers of skin came off. I don't mind getting the colour touched up but I'm worried they will be indented for good now.  Before I wrapped it for the garden they had a nice thin white crust on. Now they are not crusty at all and I am worried about them staying indented or even scarring. I'm worried I've messed them up for good. Has this happened to anyone? Did it cause any lasting damage?
    • I have over the last 2 days gotten these little bumps/pimples on one area of my tattoo is 7 months old and done by a well known reputable shop only accused since I was in the sun on sunday and Monday I wore sunlotion and they appears Thursday can anyone help I am freaking out a little   
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