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  1. Clients that follow me around as I'm setting up for their tattoo. Dude I'm only enlarging your design on the copy machine. BACK IT UP, SON!!
  2. Anyone mention Eddy Reyes? Secretsidewalk.com I think that's his site. I think he used to be in Fremont but moved? Still in northern California though. Super nice tattoos and a really cool guy.
  3. Daaaayum I'm glad somebody brought up dick warsaki. My old boss has a huuuge front thigh piece by him. Huuuge buffalo head. If you get close enough you can see a tiny Indians head he tattooed in the animals eye. It's fucking amazing!!! Tattooed Dicks nephew a handful of times. He bugged out when we told him all about his uncle and how famous he is to us guys haha
  4. That guest spot in San Jose at Marks of Art was to cover for me. I met him before I left for vacation. Shook his hand and noticed he had a piece of my flash tattooed on his other hand that I believe he did on himself haha. I believe he has since covered it (good move). Bizarre hand shake haha
  5. here in milwaukee itll be skyline tattoo (UGH. sooo sick of them already. weve got an amazing art museum here. but its rediculous to tattoo) feathers bird silhouettes
  6. I'm totally going out for next season. If for any reason, to help keep people like al and b tat from being on it. Ugh
  7. Sorry folks but hitler fucked it up for everybody from here on out to eternity. Along with that mustache. So I'm not into it at all. Not one bit
  8. Cuvée Von de kaiser. Blue and red label Spotted cow Cheap beer....regular ol leinenkugels and coors lite. I do enjoy Sam Adams cherry wheat in the summer. Sounds girlybut I don't give a fuck. My wife makes amazing sangria in the summer. And no you can't have her recipe.
  9. DONT SHOW UP EARLY!!!!! 10 minutes is acceptable. Any more time and it makes the tattooer feel rushed.
  10. Death wish 2 Once upon a time in the west Once upon a time in America Krush groove
  11. Bridesmaids was filmed alot in my neighborhood. Movie reminded me of "the hangover" for women. Buuuutttt just as funny for guys. I ask because people here don't know corn about poop. I once worked with this fool. Actually ive worked with a handful but this one I never really cared for. This woman came tO the shop on my day off. Turns out she had a bob Roberts back piece. The fool had no idea who he was. Uggghhh there was a show that night and it just so happened I ran into her there. We strike up a conversation and we realize I worked at the shop with the dork who didn't know who bob Roberts
  12. scowl more and dont look at people in the eye. its been at least a decade since anyones asked me about my tattoos.
  13. just to let those that don't already know, Volume II is now available through the website. get yours Amund Dietzel
  14. Dcostello, next time you're in Santa Clara, go check out eds gourmet. Great teriyaki!!! Get a spicy combo plate or try one of their teriyaki sandwiches. Fuck do I miss that place!!!
  15. Once a tattoo you did or have on you is printed, you run the chance of it not being yours anymore. Every tattoo shop gets people bringing in magazines with images they want copied on them. I find this practice tacky and frustrating. I try to get them to let me redraw the image. Customers are usually pretty cool with getting something custom. I know there are plenty of shops that will just try to copy the tattoo verbatim. The copied tattoo usually turns out to be some watered down bootleg lookin crap. And that's why people dint want their stuff in magazines. If they really want it in a magazi
  16. scott sylvia mike wilson dave gibson (that old ITA with mike and dave in it blew me away. and of course i lost it somewhere) jack rudy leo zulueta these are all dudes whos work i saw early on in my career that made me want to do tattoos.
  17. face. i have yet to see a cool face tattoo. besides it would distract from my handsomeness. feet. i dont even want anyone touching them let alone tattooing them. cock and balls area. nuff said that being said, somebody is DEFINETELY tattooing my ass crack area when i get my back tattooed.
  18. Really happy to own a drawing of his. My dumbass shoulda spent everything I had in my pockets instead of that machine I never really did like.
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