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    I am a freelance photographer for some magazine publications. You can see most of my work in Tattoo Magazin, Tattoo Savage, & Tattoo Flash. I have also been published in Urban Ink, Pretty in Ink, Pain, & Freshly Inked Magazine. Inked Photography does not discriminate about the models and photos I accept. I will do a shoot with all models of all shapes, sizes, and color.Professional, alternative models and aspiring models are always welcome.
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    Owner / Photographer

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  1. Sorry, I got interrupted at work. There is more I wanted to say so I will just have to get back later when I have more time. But here is a newspaper link to what happened last weekend. Laconia innkeeper says she was cheated | New Hampshire NEWS03
  2. I don't know how long it has been. 2-5 years past where you can find a tattoo convention every week in some state. It seems every weekend there is a tattoo convention somewhwere. Before you would have to wait a year before you can possibly go to another one. Or at least your favorite. I am not sure if many of you heard about what happened this weekend in New Hampshire. But this question never seems to go away. Why do some artist continue to promote and attend non-tattoo artist promotors conventions?
  3. @ Stewart, agreed. As I stated I love the interviews here. I have watched all of them the whole way through. So my attention span is just fine. And yes, you are correct. Although I am not a tattoo artist I am still in the industry. There can be different types of interviews. My perspective I am going for is in the eyes of the collector or client. I don't consider the questions, as you say, tabloid. But some serious and some fun questions do bring a little glimpes. If by that glimpes a client is interested. Then hopefully they will contact the artist. @sjb619 Thanks! @ Ursula, Thanks. I need to pay closer attention. No excuse that it is my first one ever. But I am in the process of learning. @ slayer9019, 1 1/2 hours? lol... We could start doing movies. lol.... Or a talk show. lol... That would be awesome.
  4. First let me say that I love the interviews here. I like how they are personal and the stories that are told. Very well done. But for me, sometimes and hour can be too long. I try to find artist interviews often. Some are good, some are bad. So me with my travels and the people I meet I decided to try and take a stab at this blog thing. By no means am I any type of writer but I plan on giving this a shot. I call it, "10 questions with Inked Photography". Click the link and let me know your thoughts. www.inkedphotography.blogspot.com
  5. The K1000 is the best! I have found several on craigslist. Well I guess not several. In the past couple of months I have seen for sale. Obviously they didn't know what they had cause I bought one for $75.00 and the others were selling for just over $100.00
  6. I expect I will get some heat from this but I think the question is just. I small example. My daughter who is 15 years old (which is when I started), asked if I can teach her photography. Well hellz yeah! Of course I will. So what did I do. Go out and buy her a brand new Digital Camera with all the bells and whistles and say go at it? Far from it. I gave her the camera I learned from. The Pentax K1000, which I love. She looked at me like I was crazy. But if she wants to learn. Go back to the basics. Learn how to shoot film, how to create a picture using negatives, dark rooms, ect. I don't know if that is a good anology but that's what I got. Now is it just me or do you see a lot of young tattoo artist coming into the business with a lack of respect for the people who made it possible? They don't bother with the proper apprenticship and so forth. Don't bother to learn how to make their own needles, ink, build a machine, maintain it. Now do I know. Psh, please! Hell no. But I am not an artist and don't plan to be. That is not my talent. Now we all know about the so called tattoo shows on TV. Do I like any of them? Eh, they have both helped and hurt. Although I do miss Tattoo Wars. Great show. But what about a show with one individual. Someone who has been in the industry for a long time. Get this person to travel to destinations and shops. Get to the roots and origins of the history of your craft. I can't tell you how many times friends and I have gotten into conversations with the younger artist and mention the names of pioneers and they look at us like, Who's that? Sad. Now is it necessary? Probably not. Some of you may think so, some of you may not and that's ok. But it would be a shame if we forget the origins. Although solid artist, there seems to be a lack of knowledge. Worse, some seem not interested in being educated. Where is the foundation?
  7. Will there be another show to replace it. Of course. I am not a fan of NY Ink myself. But with the impression that Corey will be on the show will definately give it a boost. Who knows. Maybe he will get his own show. But maybe Amy will as well. But who knows. For now the industry has to suffer with NY Ink. I wish they would bring back Tattoo Wars. Maybe Inkmaster will be similair to it. idk...
  8. Shawn: Rebel Ink and Urban Ink lean that direction as well. Or is it just me. I can say that cause I have shot for them as well. I have had some images denied that what I though were great. Of course that is a bias opinion. When I get home later I will post one of the pics. But I see images of nothing but t&a with minimal focus on the artwork. If we can call some of it that.
  9. Sorry to hear about that Katie. My theory on that is. If someone doesn't want their image in the magazine and they ask me not to publish. The answer is simple. Don't take the picture. But I can understand some photographers being a little pushy. I shot MusInk in Dallas last year. Gil Monte had taken one of Corey's Millers posters and cut a hole in his pants, (in the obvious spoot, lol...), and stuck his finger threw it. Ok, I guess you would have to be there to know it was funny. Anyway, I snapped away and we had a good laugh about it. The Next day Corey and I were talking and I showed him the pic. He thought it was pretty funny. But he asked me to please not publish the image. Well, of course not. Although I had already taken the picture and it was in my portfolio to send the the magaine. It was ready to go. But, I did respect his wishes and when I burned my disc to send of to the magazin I simply did not add the image. Problem solved. The bad part!!! Some other idiot with a camera was behind me from another magazine took the picture as well. It was published it their mag. I saw Corey after that, he wasn't to thrilled about it. But he knew it wasn't me so all is well with us. But the point of this I guess is to show respect. If a request is made. Honor it.....
  10. Tattoo Conventions by: Tattoo Artist Promoters or Non-Artist conventions?
  11. lol.... it is a fun word to say. lol... I can understand what you are saying about the process of his or her/artowrk. I can even understand those NOT wanting their custom work taken pics of due to not wanting them to be copied. But we are there for you. I know for me I want to shoot amazing pieces of artwork. Not just to have the images. But so people can see the talent that is out there. For that maybe not so known artist to be recognized. Let's face it. There are some sick artist out there pushing out some artwork that is blowing minds. Not only to collectors but artist alike. But much love and respect to all you artist.
  12. Why am I suprised when they say no? Did you read the thread? And who uses the word nincompoop? I was simply asking opinion. Not trying to get into a debate. If artist or collectors do not want their images in a magazine. Perfectly fine. However, if you are attending a tattoo convention. Wouldn't one assume there will be photographers there. Either for the show itself for promotional purposes and/or magazines. By know means am I the perfect photographer. But I do try my best to show respect to the artist and collectors alike. Hence why I posed the question.
  13. a) Point taken. I know a few ladies and gentlemen that will NOT shoot with certain magazine photographers for that reason. b) Agreed. I would hope that "Tattoo" is a favorite. c) Those would be photographers not working for magazines. The same arguement can be said for conventions that are prepared by non-tattoo artist. Promoter shows. That's another thread.
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