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    I've been interested in anything tattoo related since the age of three when I saw my dad's tattoo. I got my first in 1985, kept getting them until 1998 when my life got a little turbulent. Life got settled down in 2010 and that's when I got back into it by accident. I have a great job and a great relationship and a great artist that allows me the opportunity to finally realize the tattoo goals I always dreamed of.
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    Murfreesboro, TN
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    Anything Tattoo related, (duh) Music, Movies
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    Communications Technician for a major railroad.
  1. @Graeme Your thread made me laugh and feel a little nostalgic at the same time. You see, I'm rapidly approaching my 49th birthday. February 13th (which also falls on a Friday the 13th for the first time in ages! WOOHOO!) will mark the 30th year since I got my first tattoo. The tattoo shop was inside of a biker bar in Waynesville, N.C. It was named J.B's Tattoo & Tavern. You could get anything you wanted... As long as you picked it from the flash on the wall. He used an acetate stencil, graphite powder and Speedstick deodorant to transfer the design, and I remember very clearly that he didn't use gloves (this was 1985 after all). I've been hooked ever since, and that tattoo is still there. There's also an appointment already scheduled to mark this little milestone.
  2. I'm not sure if I ever posted a picture of my back when it was finished. Anyway, here it is. (found a better picture)
  3. Don't have a pic showing them together, but chest eagle and pharaoh's horses belly is what I went with.
  4. @Iwar This was so awesome! Excellent in every way! Reminds me a lot of the same love and care that the Gypsy Gentleman videos gave to tattooing.
  5. #1 AC/DC Rock or Bust My number one only because It's the only album I've bought all year. (no new Social D album this year)
  6. Posted this one before somewhere, but here's mine.
  7. This article is just a prime example of trolling. Slate has sadly turned into clickbait same as Buzzfeed and Huffpost in recent years.
  8. After seeing @Graeme get off to a good start both here and IG, I got to thinking, my backpiece has been finished for a year and a half now. I sure do enjoy having it, but, damn I'm glad it's done! I wouldn't want to experience it again.
  9. I'm visiting home in North Carolina for the first time in a couple of years next week. I have an appointment with Danny Reed at Hot Stuff Tattoo on the 19th. It's for a hot stuff devil/aloha monkey mash-up
  10. Got a healed picture of mine I stole from his Instagram. It's done, for the time being. Tattoo by Paul Pearson
  11. Pretty much sums it up for me. Opposite side of the coin. I don't collect shit... I don't owe anybody anything (well, except for that 1 student loan, and it'll be paid off next year). I DO own: 1 old VW Beetle. 1 old Murray bicycle. Some nice music gear. Most of my torso and a good portion of my legs covered in art work done by only one or two local tattoo artists. Artwork that can't be duplicated because it's a reflection of me at this point. Oh, and some books and CD's that I can't seem to part with.
  12. Phone calls and visits and a nice cook out, and a memorable ride to the grocery store in my old VW. And I got this awesome dashboard hula girl for the bug.
  13. @else just as info, my daddy/daughter tattoo day was funded by me. The kid had her heart set on a Homeward Bound tattoo, but was resigned to putting it off this year because of trying to remodel her house. It was a unexpected treat for her and a great memory for me. (And I got Woodchuck Norris!!!!)
  14. Finally got all the springs changed on my old Beetle. It's 3.5 inches lower in the front now. I had help from a neighbor in exchange for a few cold beers and me whipping up a couple of pizzas on my grill.