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  1. Rob, Jay, and Scott are definitely amazing, and unheard of, tattooers.
  2. Spencer and I work in the same shop in Lexington, KY from time to time...Charmed Life. If you haven't heard of them, look them up. Either way, Spencer's work is pretty fucking rad, and soooooo clean. I've seen the chest piece in the first photo of the original post, and it's bind blowing. Definitely good to see him getting some love on here.
  3. Attitude is very important to me, and I have less tattoos because of it. I've grown to dislike tattoos as I grew to dislike the person that did it for me, and I've definitely avoided getting tattooed by coworkers because I didn't get on with them. I think that the entire experience should be a good one. I'm not into dealing with people who feel their owed a respect that they don't themselves give to others. So because of this, I really only get tattooed by people that I have personal respect, as well as being amazed by their work. It's better when the entire package is nice.
  4. I like people to be pretty specific with me. I'll usually redraw as much as I need to. When I get tattooed, I give the artist 2 or 3 of my ideas and let them pick what they'd rather do.
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