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  1. Hey, so it's been awhile since I posted on here but I figured I'd hop on and make a post about my new shop. So around last November or so my Buddy Benjamin Haft and I Decided we needed to change our situations. He and I split from our respective shops (Fun City/Three Kings) over the winter, my wonderfully generous friend Ashley Love let me work in her private studio while we built out the raw space (a former 4 car garage). We did just about all the construction ourselves with a tiny bit of outsourcing. worked 12 hour days 7 days a week for 2 months and 6 days and opened Allied Tattoo on June 9th. To say we're proud would be an understatement, we put so much into this space and we really hope it shows! I hope if you guys are in the neighborhood you'll stop in and say hey! The shop IG is : @allied_tattoo Our Individual IGs are: [MENTION=2514]Andy[/MENTION]jperez @benjaminhaft @josephbrycetattoo [MENTION=2050]IanW[/MENTION]time [MENTION=1694]SheilaM[/MENTION]arcello website: www.alliedtattoo.com And here are some pics! (all signpainting done by the incredible @seanbartonsigns)
  2. Here you go dude. apparently he does it all the time. https://www.facebook.com/divinethegreat
  3. Terrible cell phone picture, a little red n bloody, but you get the idea. Yesterday was a blast -- ran into @Perez and an hour or so later got one knee webbed. Hopefully we can knock out the other one next week or soon.. Thanks again dude, you're the best. No you are
  4. Doug Hardy was here the other day and told us about being in a bar talking to a guy who struck up a conversation with him about his tattoos. At one point the guy said, completely seriously. "Y'know I always wanted to get a tattoo, but I never knew anyone that died." Thanks TV.
  5. He and Gilsdorf are some of the best and most inspiring tattooers working right now.
  6. You sure he hasn't been kicked out of there yet?
  7. I went once a day every day it was up. I bought a big insanely beautiful scroll painting from Thom. Had the pleasure of meeting Scott Harrison, who was the coolest fucking dude. Got to hang with Binky and Higgs for a minute. Watched Grez tattoo some. Took a polaroid with DeVita. Met some nice folks, saw some people I don't see too often. Chris did an amazing job setting it all up, attending this is already the coolest thing I've done in 2013 and I have a feeling it's gonna be tough to beat.
  8. ...On second thought, maybe you should just let Tim pick out your dragon.
  9. Yep I'll be there, Myself, Ashley Love, Yanni Vera, Sean Rhodes, Matt Bivetto, Dave Ball, Marc Nava, John Poverty and Jeremy Whitley got a whole row to ourselves! should be a a good time!
  10. Im here all the time, just get @gougetheeyes to call me and i'll come out
  11. Last night a girl asked me why I had a butterfly tattooed on my hand, I told her "Because when you're an actual tough guy you can get whatever kind of girly tattoos you want."
  12. When I catch people staring at my hand tattoos on the train I'll slowly move my hand towards my crotch and then pretend like I caught them staring at my dick and give them a disgusted look. That or just lock eyes and don't break for a solid 3 count, it freaks the shit out of people, actually had someone switch train cars after that once.
  13. Perez


    I'll be at the Ace, wherever that is.
  14. Perez


    People of Earth I'll be hanging out in PDX August 26-29th, I have a few friends there but am always down to make more. No plans to tattoo while I'm there, but I guess that's subject to change if theres any interest. If you're in the Portland area and want to show a brotha around, please message me!
  15. Bunch of my shit on there too! bummer. I wish it was easier to just DDOS their site, fuckers.
  16. if anyone wants to get down on some adventuring my Battletag is: PEREZNYC#1725 I'm in nightmare difficulty at the moment, and this game only gets more fun!
  17. There were dudes on another tattooers-only board I used to post on, that were trying to get this guy shut down for years.
  18. Something I've noticed from working with Robert is you can't photograph a Robert Ryan tattoo. It just doesn't work. I'll see tattoos he does at the shop, (like Shawn's for instance or Greg's front torso piece), and in person they'll put you on your ass. but i'll see a photo of it he puts up on instagram on my way home and i'm taken aback by how little of the power can be contained in the picture. His tattoos really have to be seen in person to be appreciated. and like T.D. says "Any Imperfections only add to it's beauty"
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