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  1. @face If you're referring to me, try reading the entire thread before commenting.
  2. I'm a signwriter by trade. I do know people change careers and I'm still fairly young. I dont have a problem with visible tattoos as I have both arms from wrist to shoulder tattooed and one leg, I wear t-shirts most days. But the face, side of the neck, throat etc seems to me, to be a bit more intense than other visible tattoos. I personally dont have a problem getting the back of my neck done, I was just wondering what other people stigmas are for it. A good option maybe to take a collared shirt with me and draw a line where the collar sits and keeping it below that.
  3. Do you think that tattoos on your back that sneak up and poke out of your shirt on the neck have the same stigmas and neck and throat tattoos? I ask because while there is no tattoo policy in my job or anything, I still like the idea of above the wrist and below the neck but I think what I have planned for my shoulders will have to poke out up the back of my shirt just a touch? Opinions?
  4. My left arm actually sneaks onto that little bone on the wrist and a little splash on the hand. My right arm finished about an inch before the palm. But I wear a short sleeve polo shirt most days to work, so its no concern really. The one I am worried about is the back going up onto the neck...
  5. Sounds dope. I was hoping Jiujitsu would be in there.
  6. I don't know my Dad and my Mum has foot tattoos and all her brothers are sleeved so it was a non event really, I think she assumed I would start getting tattooed.
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